InstantDegrees Review is it Scam

Now I have to be honest when I first saw this i said “WTF” the idea of it in my opinion is such an eye opener especially when you’re an entrepreneur like myself who thinks there’s a major problem with the educational system in the United States. The question you might be asking is… ” is legit?” My answer unfortunately it is well actually I should say it’s illegal in some States and Some Countries. In this review I am going to break down the way this works in really simple terms.

How Instant Degree Works In my opinion

I use the word my opinion because I’ve never used Instant Degree before. That being said There’s a good chance is nothing more than a affiliate of a bunch of Diploma Mills. Diploma Mills in simple to understand terms are companies that create bootleg Universities. The most infamous of these bootleg Universities was “LaSalle University” now notice I said “LaSalle University” and not La Salle University. The real La Salle University is located in Philadelphia where as the bootleg(bootleg = fake) LaSalle University is located in good ole Louisiana. I must point out that most Fake Universities are usually not so brazen with their choice of Bootleg University names.

Understanding Diploma Mills

Understanding Diploma Mills is understanding why the United States is known for having the best Universities in the world. Diploma mills are a worldwide problem and honestly there’s nothing no one can do about it because just like everything else Universities are businesses – a school gets its reputation based off the quality of its graduates. I could start a University(hey there’s an idea!) if I wanted to. But until people start recognizing it as an accredited university The diploma will mean absolutely NOTHING.

This doesn’t mean that a company won’t hire you if use a fake diploma, a reputable company obviously does background checks but most small businesses do not. Also many staffing agencies don’t do checks so there are many instances where people will use these loop holes to gain employment. You might also notice that most of the fake universities use names that inspire the imagination like for example “Fairfax University” or “Frederick Taylor University”.

Final Thoughts on

Before you sign up for anything my advice is to read the terms and conditions there’s one key part of the terms and conditions which can be found at that I think you might want to consider looking over before signing up.


The Client understands that any degree obtained through will most probably come from an Institution outside the Client’s own Jurisdiction and that the Client cannot, in any circumstances, specify the actual Institution nor specific geographic location of any Institution.


Personally i’m not writing this to tell people what to do with their time or their money i’m just writing this for informational purposes. I know most of you reading this were probably wondering how received so many video testimonials and my response to this is to simply visit a site like and tell me what you think.

Well thats all I have to say about that please leave your comments below