review - Is it a scam? review – Is it a scam? is a new up and coming high yield invest site if you’re unsure how InvestMonth works. It’s not complicated actually typically sites or “investment programs” like this operate in a similar fashion to that of a pyramid scheme where people pay the website owner and the website owner( pays back users with their own money and in the profit is made from new investors that also help fund the website. When a person gives money to for instance they’re essentially donating their money to the website and there is no guarantee that will repay the user

Personal thoughts regarding

High yield investment programs typically appeal to people who want a high rate of return on their money and prefer a hands off approach to investing. Any investor that operates in a regulated investment environment such as Forex for example knows that constant and continual payments of 120% every 30 days is unrealistic. However being that is not regulated they can make any ridiculous claim they want.

As an example Forex or Binary Options can not make such a claim because these are regulated industries and although there are many cases where investors are in profit it’s neither a hands off approach nor can they make such a claim as the regulating body will shut them down. Also in a regulated investment arena there is risk to everyone when it comes to all the risk is passed onto you the investor because Invest Month can choose to stop making payments whenever it chooses!

Final thoughts regarding

Is a scam? It sure looks like one! Is it legit? I don’t think so However if you review their terms and you still want to give them your money I won’t stop you. I also would advise against using the reviews found on High yield forums as majority of the times the forum owners are working as affiliates for these types of sites. I don’t recommend but don’t let me stop you from signing up!

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