Is the Corporate Welfare Climate Change Scam Still Effective? A Large Chunk of The Climate protestors Appear To Be Young and Impressionable or Adults Seeking a GOVERNMENT solution – March 26, 2022,

Germany has been the leader of the “Green Energy” revolution, at the very least in Germany, they made the attempt to transition, I give the Germans credit for actually attempting to innovate in the renewable space, but to date, it’s been a total failure and because it’s been a failure, a large chunk of the engineers and scientists involved in trying to develop green energy technology may still dream of a renewable future but are no longer scammed into believing that the transition will be as easy as some would have you believe.
Why I bring this up is because if you look at the Climate Change protestors, they don’t appear to be growing and these climate change alarmists appear to be getting younger and younger. One would assume that by now, there would be more adults on board with climate change alarmism, but adults who actually care to do the research are seeing the corporate welfare scheme for what it is.
Being that I live in Ontario, Canada, and met a lot of these climate change alarmists up close, I quickly realized that many of them, were disinterested in doing any research, instead, most were reliant on their thought leaders to give them a narrative and basically a script to follow. Infact a lot of the people I met involved in climate change alarmism only cared about the “solar bonds” and making money.

In their minds the actual hard work and sacrifice involved a greener energy future should be left to the government to solve, these climate change alarmists all of whom were adults, were merely having fun being protestors and making money. Some of the protestors I met in the early 2000s were in the 40s and 50s, owned their own homes, and at the time didn’t even know the difference between Direct and Alternating current. The mere fact that the solar panels on their roof weren’t powering their homes didn’t bother them at all.

Their return on investment at the time I think was as high as 15%, obviously, this return was coming from the Ontario taxpayer, but they could care less about the immorality of the entire solar bond scheme and why I bring this up, is because these weren’t poor people, these were upper-middle-class white-collar folks.

Fast forward to today, and I haven’t seen much growth for corporate climate change, consider the global celebrity Greta Thunberg is? the best she was able to do was get 300+ people to show up to her German rally? Why hasn’t corporate climate change caught on? Well, the truth is most of these climate change alarmists are unwilling to voluntarily lower the standard of living.

The climate alarmists use words like “Transition now’ while they walk around on CEMENT wearing petroleum-based clothing, often using signs that wouldn’t exist without fossil fuels. It’s really embarrassing when you observe it upclose. But as is the case with most collectivists movements, expect them to keep doubling down until their exposed as total frauds.

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How Climate Change Alarmists are framing the Russian war with Ukraine


Environmental Defence Canada is a leading Canadian environmental advocacy organization that works with the government, industry, and individuals to defend clean water, a safe climate, and healthy communities. Below is how one of their writers framed the Russian invasion of Ukriane.

Russia’s invasion is only possible because of fossil fuels. Forty per cent of Russia’s budget comes from oil and gas. Russia brings in some $500 million a day from oil and gas. And European dependence on Russian oil and gas surely emboldened Russian President Putin, making him believe that the EU wouldn’t really rush to Ukraine’s aid. Thankfully he was wrong.

The invasion of Ukraine must be a call to accelerate the phase out of fossil fuels. They are a source of instability in the world, a volatile commodity, and too often linked to war and conflict. And fossil fuels are, of course, the main cause of climate change.

There is simply no justification for producing more Canadian oil and gas, even if it were “ethical”, which it is not.

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Wars existed when humans didn’t have tanks or guns, and an argument could be made that invasions would be more widespread without fossil fuels, because without fossil fuels, humans are often in more poverty and willing to go to the extremes just to eat. Fossil Fuels have in many ways ended food shortages. In America, since Joe Biden declared war on fossil fuels, food shortages are happening in America?

So when representatives of Environmental Defence Canada say things like “They are a source of instability in the world, a volatile commodity, and too often linked to war and conflict. And fossil fuels are, of course, the main cause of climate change.” you have to challenge the sanity of that argument.

Now, what I will say is, that no longer should fossil fuels be able to run rough shot over the global economy and it’s for this reason why free-market capitalism and innovators like Elon Musk have been innovating more greener products, but this concept that a Big government solution is an answer is simply wrong.

The war in Ukraine is the result of climate change alarmists, convincing countries like Germany to abandon Nuclear energy. The bravery of the Ukrainian people is a clear sign that fossil fuels are helping to stop tyranny. Unlike Western countries, tyrannical governments like those in Russia, China, or North Korea have no interest in obeying “Environmental Defence Canada”, they’re an opinionated organization, bringing awareness to a cause important to them, but they’re also assisting the efforts of lobbyists groups which harming humanities ability to innovate our way to a green future.

With Environmental Defence Canada it’s their way or the highway, there’s no middle ground with them, in their view, we must “accelerate the phase out of fossil fuels”? That’s an extremist position and extremists can often work in concert with authoritarians and terrorists, who may also want their enemies to phase out fossil fuels.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but without the assistance of government and the mainstream media, it doesn’t appear as if the climate change alarmists and the corporations helping to prop them up are having a lasting effect on the minds of the people. Whether it’s the women’s rallies, the Truckers protests, or even the racial equality protests, the numbers for those rallies are in the thousands, whereas these climate change alarmist rallies are still in the hundreds.

So when I write “Corporate Welfare Climate Change” or “Corporate Climate Change” I mean just that, it looks to me like these corporations looking for GUARANTEED government handouts, are using charities like Environmental Defence Canada to push their agenda. That’s what the evidence suggests and the mere fact that these climate change rallies aren’t growing, I tend to believe that I’m not the only person that feels this way. I want to point out, I own more solar panels than the average person on this planet, I’m a fan of free energy, but I’m also pro-prosperity for humanity, anti-war and anti-corporate welfare!

I don’t want anyone dirting my waters, but correcting that issue and forcing me to finance a corporate welfare climate alarmism agenda are not the same things. If companies are destroying pristine waters, how about we focus on correcting that instead of phasing out an energy source that’s getting people out of poverty.

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