The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

It’s not only Just-in-flation — corporate greed-fueled By Bank of Canada’s Zero Interest Rate Policies are fueling Consumer Price Inflation – February 12, 2022,

The mainstream media is trying to get ahead of a problem created by Left-Wing governments. In both America and Canada, consumer price inflation is becoming extremely problematic and the narrative most Canadians have been taught by the far-left political, public-educational, and mainstream media classes is that consumer price inflation is caused by greedy business people.

Well, the first problem with this narrative is that there’s currently a “Freedom Convoy” which presently threatens to stop the goods created from the PRIVATE sector from flowing into the Canadian economy. Why you’d be wise to understand why this is problematic for believers in Big Government is that Truckers don’t work for the government, Trucks aren’t owned by the government and if the government takes draconian actions against these truckers, it threatens their narrative.

Furthermore, let’s talk about consumer price inflation, which has little to do with this false claim of price gouging and more to do with Justin Trudeau’s war on fossil fuels. If you want a greener future no problem, but be prepared to pay for it, currently there exists NO viable alternative to fossil fuels. The current alternatives to fossil fuels are more scarce and still require fossil fuels to help them develop.

Justin Trudeau has decided to go into record levels of debt to finance the expansion of green energy, so far it hasn’t worked, and if it’s to work it could take decades, so if you’re on board to get rid of fossil fuels, be prepared to pay more. Lastly, these green energy companies that are the beneficiaries of carbon taxes are also privately owned CORPORATIONS, it’s not like the government nationalized green energy companies, I’ve invested in some of these green energy companies, they are indeed PROFIT DRIVEN!

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement was against governments bailing out corporations with taxpayer dollars, in the modern era, the Champagne socialists have NORMALIZED bailing out private corporations, these carbon taxes that are stolen from taxpayers, are going to Privately owned entities.

Whenever I pay my heating bill, I pay a carbon tax! When I put gas in my car, I pay a carbon tax, now on the beneficiary side of this are the privately-owned “green corporations” who are the beneficiaries of these carbon credits and carbon taxes. You have to remember that gas-powered trucks bring you the goods, so all of that extra money government is stealing from people, is helping to enrich segments of the population the Federal government deems as worthy.


This whole narrative that the people on the Far-Left claimed that corporate greed is fueling higher prices is falling apart. I’m sure most people do not understand what’s going on, but more and more people are starting to figure this stuff out. Meaning that these stories about corporate greed will soon be about GOVERNMENT GREED! The Bank of Canada of course is financing all of this, with Zero Percent Interest Rate policies(ZIRP).

The bank of Canada struggles to normalize interest rates because it must protect corporate profits. The Bank of Canada also engages in legal money counterfeiting known as Quantitative Easing(QE) which allows the Bank of Canada to buy things with UNEARNED fiat money. These Central Bank actions, help in FUELING corporate greed, if interest rates were normalized, corporate greed couldn’t accelerate the way it does today, in fact, most dishonest corporations would be bankrupt by now because consumers like cheaper prices and if a company could steal market share by offering cheaper prices it would,

Consumer price inflation also equates to higher costs of doing business, a higher cost of doing business equates to fewer businesses existing. As an example when labor unions demand a business pay a union wage or be forced out of business, what this means is that fewer businesses can compete with each other. This is why more businesses end up in countries like China. Once the cost of business is too high only a few large corproations remain, and yes some of these corporations, especially these green energy corporations will be opened to government tyranny and even partial nationalization.

It’s time more people in the world reconsider Big Governemnt!

It’s not just inflation — corporate greed is also partially to blame for the rising prices you’re paying |

Interesting times ahead!