It’s Time To Stop Comparing Covid vaccines to Vaccines of the past, At Best Covid Vaccines are like Flu Shots: Experts now say all adults should Get Covid vaccine booster shot IMMEDIATELY – November 11, 2021,

The conspiracy theorists are winning and I’m beginning to research the ages of many of the writers who write for these mainstream media websites and I’m coming to discover many of the writers writing for the mainstream media are under 45 years old, which from my vantage point explains the ignorance. People under 45 years old may not understand how ignorant they sound.

Often in Socialist countries, the eager brainwashed youth are used as pawns for an agenda that actually intends on ruining their futures. The young people trust the people who are older than them to lead them into battle against those evil Conservative aristocrats, who appear to be fighting for the freedom to exploit everyone else.

So these often ignorant younger people will parrot whatever narrative they need to parrot in order to appear loyal to the cause of social justice. After all, we have to save lives right? If that’s what these covid booster shots are all about then let us say whatever we need to say or write whatever we need to write in order to make people do what our central planners want.

The narrative being pushed is that the vaccinated have to be worried about the UNVACINATED? In the article I point to below, Isreal is used as a test case, as we know over 88% of Israelis are vaccinated, but still, the Covid problem persists? so it must be that evil 12% that’s the problem, if only we could get rid of that 12% somehow, the problem would be fixed, correct? In the past it was unvaccinated who had to worry, even the flu shot, it’s the people who DO NOT take the flu shot who have to worry about Influenza. Apparently, things have changed now, at least regarding Covid-19

Why Covid vaccine booster shots are more important now than they were in September
The initial rationale for distributing booster shots was simple: Some people needed additional protection against Covid to prevent hospitalizations and deaths, but most didn’t. For the majority of fully vaccinated people, getting Covid meant extremely mild symptoms, or no symptoms at all.

That calculus has changed, says Dr. Colleen Kelley, an associate professor of medicine in the division of infectious diseases at Emory University School of Medicine. The virus that causes Covid continues to spread, due largely to millions of people who remain unvaccinated, and vaccine protection is waning more significantly over time than experts expected two months ago.

That means the odds of breakthrough infections in fully vaccinated people — with potentially serious symptoms — are increasing. Booster shots, Kelley says, can increase antibody levels enough to help prevent those infections and return any breakthrough symptoms to a mild or nonexistent state.

Last month, an Israeli study on 4.8 million vaccinated adults compared the rates of breakthrough infections in people four to six months after becoming fully vaccinated. At six months, the rate nearly doubled to 3.3 cases per 1,000 people — up from just 1.7 at four months.

“While the Delta variant surely has played a role in the resurgence of Covid-19 in recent months, these findings suggest that waning immunity also is an important factor,” National Institutes of Health director Dr. Francis Collins wrote in a blog post on Tuesday about the Israeli study.

Covid vaccine booster shots for all adults could be here by Thanksgiving — and new data says you should get one immediately |

Vaccines of the past didn’t have this problem, and quite frankly I’m open to the idea of Covid-19 being like a flu shot, that certain demographics should be advised to take to prevent it from killing them, but clearly, there appears to be something ineffective about these vaccinations and it’s about time that we look into what’s going on. Now, sure I can point to Sweden and other countries that haven’t gone to the extremes, but why do that?

Why not allow people to read this stuff for themselves? I don’t want to sound biased, maybe there’s something I’m missing, the people will ultimately decide if the people leading them know what they’re doing.

Covid vaccine booster shots for all adults could be here by Thanksgiving — and new data says you should get one immediately |

Interesting times ahead!

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