Establish in 1989, LA Weight Loss of is a weight loss company with over 400 centers. It claims to have helped millions of individuals with weight problems lose as much as 2 lbs per week. Their program works on the body’s natural way of losing weight.

Their rapid weight loss program allow you to choose a menu plan that would boost up your metabolism. All menu plans utilizes food choices from the local market. Every plan comes with two LA Lite bars every day that are said to curb cravings. Once you have started to lose weight, LA SmartTrim Nutritionals will then supply you with the necessary vitamins and minerals.

More about LA Weight Loss

The weight management plan of LA Weight Loss comes in 3 phases: Phase 1- Weight Loss, Phase 2 – Weight Loss Stabilization, and Phase 3 – Weight Loss Maintenance.

During the first phase of the program, you will be setting your weight loss goals. Once you’ve done that, you will then be asked to choose a menu plan to attain your fitness goals. Phase 2 is all about maintaining your weight. At this point, the company will be introducing more variety to mealtimes. Lastly, on Phase 3, you will be provided with helpful tips and tricks on how to keep your weight forever.

Final thoughts on

While LA Weight Loss utilizes replacement meals, their program is quite different in a way that it presents step-by-step process from the time you choose your menu plans down to maintaining and keeping your weight. In this kind of program, users will find themselves assisted in the entire program, not just being provided with random proclaimed ‘healthy meals.’

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