a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

Led By Justin Trudeau’s War on Fossil Fuels Consumer The Index of Consumer Confidence decreased by 11.7 points in May 2022, the largest monthly drop since the pandemic began – May 21, 2022,

In most Left-wing nations, like China, Russia, etc. People who know what the government is doing wrong will often remain silent out of fear of what could happen to them. This is why as an example, the U.S dollar is the mostly widely used currency in the world. People accept the U.S dollar because America is a rare country that allows it’s citizens to MAKE A LIVING bashing their government.

In Canada, the current Prime minister when faced with opposition from people using mean-spirited words towards him, went as far as freezing people’s bank accounts. Actually, I should remind the reader, that Justin Trudeau took things a step further and even attempted to go after DECENTRALIZED cryptocurrencies. Why did Justin Trudeau feel like this was necessary? Only he can answer that question, but I suspect it had to do with Trudeau’s belief that he was being embarrassed by people he felt SUPERIOR to.

Oddly enough the real problem Trudeau failed to address were his regulations on the economy which for the most are the driving force of inflation. In regards to the Bank of Canada Governor Tiff Macklem, he made the mistake of imagining Justin Trudeau knew what he was doing, which was either a sign of ignorance on Tiff Macklem’s part or his undying love and admiration for Justin Trudeau?

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Central banks are often a major topic of conversation for Libertarians, I’m not a Libertarian, I’m a liberty lover and instead of blaming central banks, I blame DEMOCRACY meaning that I put equal blame on people like me, and my fellow Canadian citizens who accept that our current democracy is not without serious flaws.

For the record I’m not calling to abolish democracy, sure I’m not the biggest fan of democracy, but there are better ways to build a democratic republic. I personally don’t think Justin Trudeau nor ANY Prime Minister should have this much power. Justin Trudeau created a carbon tax for Christ’s sake, I mean let’s be serious? Some oligarchs and their scientist minions decided for everyone that a war must be declared on fossil fuels to save the planet?

First and foremost not all scientists believe in man-made climate change, the problem is if you’re a scientist who DOESN’T believe in man-made climate change, you and your opinions are BANISHED or censored from being included in these globalist debates. This censorship leads to ignorance in other areas and eventually, you get an echo-chamber of ideas.

If you feel like the people in charge are out of touch? You’re probably right, they are out of touch and why shouldn’t they be, they’ve been given ridiculous powers and to date, most people refuse to talk about our system of governance. Even if we had a Gold Standard it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the Democracy demanded the government steal money from people the Democracy would argue have too much Gold.

I say this because tyranny will exist with or without a central bank, the real problem is our form of democracy and the WELFARE state. I’m sorry to those of you reading this dependent on it, but I don’t even believe in social security, I don’t think it’s the government’s role to take care of you. When you accept the premise that the government should send you free money, why shouldn’t some people start demanding the government should do more?

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People who support Justin Trudeau, imagine him as the King of Canada, they imagine that because he was democratically elected that he has the right to be as tyrannical as he likes. Where does this type of thinking come from? It’s the evolutionary process of a welfare state, that starts with things like Social Safety nets.

But you see, once Consumer sentiments start to wane, reality starts to kick in, that the government does have its limitations. This is why for me I absolutely agree with people who imagine that pushing a wealth effect agenda is important. When people feel wealthy they’ll spend like they’re wealthy, don’t confuse the wealth effect with FINANCIAL EDUCATION.

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Because as an example when people get money/resources they didn’t earn, it’s actually a MALINVESTMENT on the part of the government, so as an example if you’re wondering why a corrupt Marxist organization like Black Lives Matter received so much money in donations from people who claim to be capitalists or enjoy a standard of living afforded to them from capitalism, I point to welfare and other transfer payments that existed long Justin Trudeau was even born.

In Canada, we like to ignore prior welfare programs, and only focus on the new ones, but prior welfare programs are why we have a central bank in the first place. When private banks went bust in times of old, most people ran to the government to do something about it, so the government did do something about it, now we have a rule by fiat monetary system.

To keep the integrity of money alive, money has to be BORROWED into existence, it takes some pain to dig Gold from the earth and if we’re to be honest the Fiat monetary system is merely a Gold Standard without the Gold. If the U.S dollar were backed by Gold, people would be cashing out years ago, which would have angered the DEMOCRACY.

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When Richard Nixon axed the convertability of the U.S dollar to Gold Canada during that period didn’t even a Gold Standard. Canada faired well during the great depression and upuntil Pierre Trudeau Canada did a pretty good job balancing the books.

Pierre Trudeau drunk with power sought to leave his mark in Canadian history and went on a wild spending spree, during his times Pierre Trudeau’s ideas were progressive, and he did an excellent job selling his social spending plans to Canadians who bought in. Pierre Trudeau was also wise enough to step aside from politics once the bill for his spending came due.

It wasn’t until the Chretien Liberals that austerity measures were even considered, why? Because the democracy in Canada wanted to preserve Pierre Trudeau’s legacy. People pretend the Canadian media only recently became progressive, this is untrue, what’s changed is that more Canadians have become CONSCIOUSLY aware of what’s happening to their country. In the past, there was no “Google” to research information unless you had a deep desire to read books from Ludwig von Mises or listen to Milton Friedman you would have known nothing other than what the then mainstream media was telling you.

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You see, once you comprehend how long Progressives have had a monopoly over the minds of Canadians, that’s when you’ll comprehend how we got to where we are now. A lot of the tyrannical behaviors you see by the government may have been ignored in prior times, yes people are that agreeable in real life. The Germans fell for Hitler, The Russians fell for Stalin. Don’timagine all of these people were dumb, but enough in the DEMOCRACY were, and once people thought it okay to CENSOR the people who oppose THEIR government, even when the economy was terrible in Socialist Germany or Socialist Russia, the people had to pretend things were okay.

This is why the wealth effect is indeed true, when people FEEL wealthy or feel like this is as good as things can get, and the government can scare them into submission, then governments can get away with all sorts of tyrannical things. In Canada, Justin Trudeau, stated publically that he admires China’s basic dictatorship and based on his actions, you have to believe him.

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Justin Trudeau has been going after freedom of speech on the internet, he hasn’t stopped trying to do this, why? Because he wants to be able to tell people that everything is okay, and not give them the option to hear another side of the story. That’s how this works, that’s how it’s always worked and it all starts with the WELFARE STATE.

People reliant on the government will NEVER vote for a politician who says, when you vote for me I WILL CUT YOUR GOVERNMENT BENEFITS. Now is that the fault of the Central bank or is it the fault of our democracy? Even when the Liberals in the 1990s cut government spending, they didn’t cancel social security, they didn’t cancel universal health care, they got rid of the bloat. I argue, that the Carbon tax and a lot of other silly government regulations are bloat, that will EVENTUALLY get cut once Justin Trudeau is yesterdays news.

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In the meantime, however, unlike his father, Who served for 11 years first(1968-1979) and then felt the wrath of inflation when he served from 1980 to 1984, Justin Trudeau won’t leave politics with most Canadians IGNORANT of the damage he caused to the Canadian economy. When Pierre Trudeau left politics, most Canadians thought the economic downturn had nothing to do with him, the then mainstream media gave in to the demands of the Canadian people and made Pierre Trudeau seem like this power figure in Canadian politics.

That will be a hard sell with Justin Trudeau who only had 1 MAJORITY government. Pierre Trudeau had 3 majority governments. As I’ve stated in prior posts, this is likely the end of the Trudeau brand in Canadian politics. Now to say another Trudeau won’t enter politics, ut Justin Trudeau was an easy sell, another Trudeau as PM will be a hard sell. You have to remember that as of the time of me writing this, the mainstream media is doing everything in their power to make the most corrupt politician in Canadian history likable.

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Why is the mainstream media doing this? National pride is one of the reasons, but because Nobody wants to defund the Canadian Radio‑television and Telecommunications (CRTC) the mainstream media left and right-wing, can’t unleash their creativity. I know it’s popular to say defund the CBC, but if you ask me defunding the CRTC would be far better for Canadians.

People are dying in Eastern Europe, because of the artificially high price of oil, for the most part, Canadians in the mainstream media are being BANNED from telling Canadians that Justin Trudeau’s war on made in Canada fossil fuels could be responsible for financing Putin’s war. We all know I’m not the only person who feels this way, but because journalists fear losing their incomes, they’re not going to touch on that for a prolonged period of time. Because doing so could threaten the WELFARE of Canada’s mainstream media.

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So with only one side of the economic and financial story allowed to dominate the headlines, the challenge will be to put a positive spin on what appears to be an increasingly depressed consumer.

Consumer sentiment in Canada posts biggest drop since pandemic onset amid inflation | bnnbloomberg.ca

Interesting times ahead!