The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in blackface

Liberal Party MP Joël Lightbound Pleads With Justin Trudeau to Be a Better Leader: ‘We’re more divided than ever’ Trudeau drunk with power should take time to reflect on what Lightbound is saying – February 8, 2022,

The current Prime Minister of Canada is a global laughing stock, but let’s give credit where it’s due, Justin Trudeau is an excellent DRAMA teacher. I genuinely wish he would have pursued the arts instead of spending his teens, twenties, and thirties mocking Black and South Asian people. To you wealthy parents out there, please spend time with your children, love them, raise them, teach them something, you have the resources to do so.

I can’t help but feel sorry for Justin Trudeau at times, Kim Kardasians father Robert Kardashian similar to Pierre Trudeau was a very talented lawyer, when I see the Kardashian family, yes they’re richer than many of us can imagine, but you can see the mental health problems, that stem from Robert Kardashian defending criminality. There’s a reason why defense lawyers make a lot of money, making arguments for criminality if you’re not careful can interfere with your personal and family life.

I’m certain a young Justin Trudeau noticed inconsistencies with his father, MIGHT is right for most tyrants especially when they’ve observed someone who came before them reach the heights of success by being OPENLY tyrannical. Justin Trudeau to his credit has been a master at CHANGING the subject and CHANGING the narrative whenever he’s confronted. He’s a great debater, but he’s also rather embarrassing to observe when you notice what he’s doing.

Justin Trudeau is divisive, Joël Lightbound who is a member of the Liberal Party of Canada found the heart to call him out on it. Why did Joël Lightbound do this? Well, it’s hard to be led by a man that you no longer respect. Is Trudeau angling for some sort of political gain? Well, it certainly doesn’t look like it at the moment.

For many of us who disagree with Justin Trudeau, we see the stupidity, but we also recognize that people who are Liberal loyalists, will refuse to see the hypocrisy, the real question to ask going forward? Is it worth it? Justin Trudeau is it really worth it, is your divisive politics worth SPLITTING the country in half? destroying lives? breaking supply chains? potentially destroying the Liberal Party of Canada?

British Columbia is a Left-Leaning province that for the most part REFUSES to vote for the Liberals. After legalizing marihuana Trudeau has become less and less popular? a reminder that up until Trudeau, the Liberal Party was at risk of losing to the NDP, potentially dissolving into an afterthought. It’s very likely that the Liberal Party post-Justin Trudeau will find it difficult seeing Federal Power for decades. I don’t think Joël Lightbound is being unreasonable, I think Trudeau would be wise to listen.

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Interesting times ahead!