Loblaw says CRA allegations without merit – July 17, 2018

Via The Canadian Press I read a very interested article on MSN. You can read the article by clicking the link below:

https://www.msn.com/en-ca/money/topstories/loblaw-says-cra-allegations-without-merit/ar-AAAdnMk – Loblaw says CRA allegations without merit

The CRA going after Loblaws because they exploited a loophole. I’ve written about Loopholes before and how everybody uses them including the poor. Every company in Canada uses loopholes, why big companies like Loblaws make the news is because they have access to better defensive teams. Loopholes exist primarily because the government is trying to take from the productive class and give it to the unproductive class.

The government likes to choose economic winners and losers and this is the end result. The companies with access to more resources exploit those resources and I saw why shouldn’t they. Look at Ontario, look at the all the waste in our energy sector. Can you imagine the warm happy fuzzy feeling the Hydro One exec got right before he received his multi-million dollar payout courtesy of the Ontario Liberals? If you’re a Multi-Billion dollar company why in the hell would you want to give away your money to a government that’s going to do silliness like that? I’d try to hide my money too.

If a law exists that allows you not be taxed use it, in my opinion, tax is theft!! we’re supposed to be living in a voluntary society, and the reality is Loblaws probably wouldn’t be making as much money as it is if the government allowed a fair business playing field. Loblaws gets all types of perks and they’re doing what any spoiled child would do, see how much they can get away with. What is the CRA going to do? Make them pay? so in return Loblaws can simply raise the price of goods in their stores to make up for the loss. If Loblaws raised the price of the items in their stores by 1 cent this $437 million of taxes owed will be paid in no time.

The CRA has to do its job, but this is not a battle worth fighting for. If the Canadian government were smart it would lower taxes so more investment could pour in. Anyway wishful thinking on my part.

Interesting times ahead.