Maxime Bernier Asks Should Canada leave the Monarchy behind? My answer is I’m a Secessionists For Freedom Loving People! – November 4, 2021,

History is plagued with idiots Kings and Queens, when you look at Charles, Prince of Wales you see an aging man and you might imagine that along with age comes wisdom, but Prince Charles similar to Canada’s current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have lived lives of extreme entitlement, Justin Trudeau’s daddy made most of his money via politics and the big government Pierre Trudeau made sure he got his beloved son a TRUST FUND! You know to assure Justin wasn’t fleeced by Pierre Trudeau’s government.

But most Canadians don’t care about inconsistencies, we live in a what have you done for me lately society, I personally don’t even think people care for monarchies, what people care for is their way of life and most dictatorships creep up on people unexpectantly. Persians as an example never imagined communists would take over the beautiful country until it happened.

The best way to assure a central government doesn’t take over society is to first recognize what a big government is and how to fight back bak against it. Do people forget why nobody has been successful in taking over Afghanistan? The Afghan people REFUSE to comply with a central authority, in fact, many might feel offended if you call them Afghans. Terrorism as an example is used to remind central powers that they’re not in control.

You hate terrorism when it’s attacking your way of life, but you understand it when big governments overstep their boundaries. An ignorant Prince Charles drunk with power has been making all sorts of reckless statements, which has sparked debate. Quebec is known for its secession movement and to be fair, Quebecers at the very least have everything in place in the event their campaign for succession is successful.

In English Speaking Canada, the vast majority of us are Left-Wingers and there’s no way in hell I would want to leave Canada to join a bunch of left-Wingers, The Right-Wingers in Canada are responsible for preserving any semblance of a market economy in Canada, it’s only the fear of push back why Left-Wingers in Canada, take the slow approach to rule entirely by fiat.

But what bothers me the most about Canada are the Conservatives, many of whom are more Left-Wing than they understand. If you accept the premise that it’s okay to vote for someone like Erin O’Toole simply because you want to beat Justin Trudeau, I DO NOT want to leave Canada and unite with you. Doing an action for “The Great Good” is terrifying to me. Leaving the Monarchy would be terrifying if our new President is further to the Left than Prince Charles.

Imagine Jagmet Singh was President and Justin Trudeau the Prime Minister? HELL NO! I accept the process that for the time being those of us who believe in Freedom must fight the uphill battle and deal with the reality that most of our fellow countrymen love big government. Left-Wingers destroy civilizations and we build them, for me, it’s less about shock value and more about education, even when I engage in shock value, I’m hoping to educate.

Call me a monarchist if you want to, monarchies have fallen throughout histories, but Canadians are far too Left-Leaning for my taste, and the Republic is nothing more than “The Law” if Canada with all of the Left Wingers in this country formed a Republic today, our new Republic would probably be far worse than what we have now.

Although many of us who love Freedom imagine common sense exists amongst most people in Canada, I live in the real world, most of the people in Canada are Left-Wingers, our media and our education system is reflective of most Canadians, those of us who dare self-educate are NOT the majority, we are the minority. I am however happy that Maxime Bernier received 800,000 votes, what I want to know is if this number continues to multiply, I personally don’t care about the PPC getting any seats, I’d rather we grow in numbers first, I personally like the idea of PPC members being scattered all over the country.

When we start winning seats, Canadians should have an idea of what we’re about, so although some want to see IMMEDIATE gains, via political results, I’m a dividend investor.

Prince Charles is on record at COP26 saying that we need a “military-style” centralized system to bring about the Great Reset. When Queen Elizabeth passes, he will be our new Head of State. Should Canada consider cutting ties with the monarchy? Let me know your thoughts!

Interesting times ahead!