MMTS Survey Program Scam

Just in case your new to making money online allow me to explain something to you. First and Foremost. You DO NOT under any circumstance need to pay money to make money. You DO NOT under any circumstance need pay someone to give you an online JOB and finally don’t let the pretty websites trick you into entering your credit card information.

The Truth about

Whenever you see online websites telling you that you can make “$1120 a month, or $13,440 a year!” taking surveys what they are actually saying is that if you were to join and participate in about 100 different programs you can make $13,440 a year.  If you sign up for this program what they do is give you a directory of survey programs to sign up for.  Each survey program pays about $3 – $5 per survey, (well the legit ones pay that much) now if you were to be signed up for about 20 programs that could equal about $50 a day.

Why do People Scream Scam???

The reason people scream scam is because had they known that it was a directory they wouldn’t waste there time or money signing up. When someone signs up to these things usually they have it there minds that they will be joining ONE program and the that survey program is going to pay them like $20 per survey or something like that. So when they join and actually see what they’ve paid for they are usually angry because that was not the idea they had in their minds.

Unfortunately this is one of the oldest make money schemes on the internet if you paid and feel unhappy don’t be. It happens to the best of us and can happen to anyone of us. We all want better for ourselves and our children so we take risks once in while so don’t be discouraged.

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