More Government Regulations Coming To Ontario and British Colombia – Gathering limits reduced to 10 people screams laziness from the Ministers of Health parroting World Health Organization talking points – December 19, 2021

In Canada it’s becoming apparent that our Ministers of Health are becoming extremely lazy, basically parroting World Health Organization(WHO) talking points because they clearly have no interest in doing their own research. If you’re wondering why you’re seeing all of these politicians getting caught disobeying the orders they want you to follow, it’s because they’re NOT working, they’re not doing any research and lazily taking the information they get from WHO and implementing it.

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If you follow the WHO they’re basically the ones making laws in most parts of Canada, this is happening first and foremost because Canada’s Universal Health Care system is centralized amongst the provinces, so the governments can create the excuse that the reason for these measures has to do with limited health care resources and quite frankly it saves Premiers and public servants the time of doing any real research.

We’ve moved from deaths to cases, now everything is based on cases? Even though over 99% of people recover with or without vaccinations, they’re now focusing their attention on cases, so this of course equates to more regulations on the economy which is already leading to more consumer price inflation, because you, as I like to point out, 0% interest rates and/or printing money, can’t solve shortage problems.


To people who think this is a Left vs. Right issue, it’s not, it’s a laziness issue, the WHO, sends out recommendations, and the Provinces are too lazy or too timid to go against the WHO’s recommendations because as we all know, most politicians are cowards, which is why people like me HATE BIG GOVERNMENT! Having a Big government isn’t making you more safe and secure, it’s oppressing you.

Less than 7% of people in Africa are vaccinated, life is normal in most parts of Africa, life is normal in Sweden, Life is normal in Florida, life is so normal in Florida and Texas, that not only are stadiums packed, but late-night INDOOR gatherings are packed, now in Florida, their government isn’t reckless, it warns the people against the dangers of Covid-19, but it doesn’t force its people to obey the World Health Organization?

It should surprise nobody that far-Left B.C and Centralist Ontario have the same POLITICAL response to this new Covid-19 variant, both governments aren’t doing anything but parroting WHO talking points. When you understand this and comprehend how much money these politicians are making, this is absolutely disgusting! We could easily replace all the health politicians in Ontario and B.C with WHO officials speaking to us via Skype and save money on their salaries.

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Interesting times ahead!