Best MP3 For Audio Books

Receive a free 2GB Philips Spark MP3 Player when you sign up with Audible today. You’ll be signing up for a three-month commitment of the AudibleListener® Gold membership plan at $14.95 per month, plus a one-time non-refundable shipping and handling fee of $9.95. Audible will send you a 2GB Philips Spark MP3 Player.

Your AudibleListener Gold membership includes one audiobook credit per month. A very small number of titles are more than one credit. After your three months are up, your membership will renew each month for just $14.95 each month so you can continue to receive your downloads or you can decide to cancel.

Audible also works with IPOD & they have over 75,000 titles. Joining Audible is how I was able to get every series of Rich Dad Poor dad for a fraction of the price most people would be retail. Also i was able to put my MP3 audio books onto CD to listen to in my car. My experience with Audible has been a very good if you are interested in giving them a try click the link below.

Audible membership for 3 month’ plus free 2GB Mp3 Player