If there was one area of the internet i could change it would be the one concerning sms charges. To this day i still remember signing up for some online sms club and being surprized the amount of charges i racked up in a month without even realizing. The owner of the site told me next time read the “terms and conditions”. Since then i’ve made it a habit I always at least skim through the terms and conditions before i enter my credit card or even my cell phone number.

Watch out For the Mt50 Hidden charge

Anytime a company asks you for your cell phone number make sure you read the fine print or the terms and conditions. When i landed on this particular MT50 website it made me play some Christmas game, for whatever reason i just couldn’t lose at this Christmas game. This page in particular had lovely graphics and happy Christmas music and like i said i just couldn’t lose at this game anyway once i won the game a form popped up asking me for my cell phone number that’s when my “spidey”senses started going nuts read the fine print Steve is what it said so I did and to my surprise look what i found…

“Subscribing to this service costs $2.00 per message, 4 messages per week. Attention: Standard sms costs may apply to all sent sms messages. These charges can vary depending on telecom operator. Contact your operator for further information on their charges. The maximum costs of taking part in the MT50 Quiz is $2.00 per message.”

Final Thoughts on MT50

I mean the argument could be made that its only $2.00. But i mean look how easy it is for these companies to make money off you. They don’t even need your name or credit card number they can simply ask you for you cell phone number. All i can say is be careful and read the fine print before you sign up for anything, if you’re looking to cancel the number i saw was 1-800-570-0333. Please leave your comments regarding MT50 below.