NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May DO NOT WANT TO BE Prime Minister of Canada – October 15, 2019,

I want to remind readers of mine, that I’ve been writing for years, that although the perception is that Conservatives are racists, the evidence suggests that Leftists are the most racist. Now, I try not to repeat this too often because most Right-Wingers don’t like the racial topic in general, because Right-wingers tend to prefer to debate their opposition out of existence using FACTS. Leftists, on the other hand, prefer rhetoric, the word NAZI, after all, equals National Socialism, call a Conservative anything you want, don’t call him or her a Socialist, Right-wingers want to be left alone, the problem is Right-wing economic policies attract Leftist leeches. Leftists want all the benefits of a Free Market economy without the hard work.

The Nazis, after all, disliked the jews, primarily because economically, in volunteerism based society Jews have higher IQs. Obviously, when you start talking about Warlords, Germans can be terrifying with their extremely high IQ’s in times of war, this is, of course, the basis to white supremacist rhetoric. If Whites people clearly have the advantage when comes to war, why should white people be cow-towing to anyone? In the end, that’s a sound SOCIALIST argument.

The NDP and The Greens if you read their party platforms, read like a form of ideological supremacy. I’m actually shocked more so at Elizabeth May, than I am with Jagmet Singh. During the Federal leaders debate 2019 Elizabeth May stated the following while arguing with Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau

Elizabeth May: With two weeks left in this election campaign, Canadians can know one thing. At this point, Mr. Scheer, with all due respect, you’re not going to be Prime Minister. The question is going to be on a seat count —

Federal leaders debate 2019: Full transcript
| macleans.ca

Elizabeth May: — if we have Mr. Trudeau in a minority or Mr. Trudeau in a majority, voting for Green MPs is your very best guarantee, Canada, that you don’t get the government you least want.Federal leaders debate 2019: Full transcript
| macleans.ca

Now, I’ve et Green Party supporters and many of them joined the Green Party in an attempt to make history, I can’t speak for them, but if I were to see my political leader on live television say what Elizabeth May said, I’d personally feel deflated. Yves-François Blanchet who has 0% chance of winning the Federal Election spoke like he had zero chances of losing the Federal election. But you see when, all you really care about is Leftist Supremacy you’ll do what you need to, in order to make sure your Blackface wearing friends win.

Canada Election: Elizabeth May says Green candidate once wore blackface on national television | Global News

Now, if you know anything about India, you’d know that bigotry is a serious problem in India. Personally, Racism pales Comparision to ethnic and religious conflicts. Come on let’s be serious here, people typically dislike other people for their political and religious views. Even in the heart of slavery, millions of white and black people all over the world co-existed when the relationship, which was typically a trading/bartering, an economic relationship was beneficial for all parties.

Religious and ethnic conflicts on the other hand, similar to the different forms of Collectivism tend to cause the most war because when economics is way down on your list of important things in your life, social justice for YOUR people and YOUR people alone becomes your guiding light. Now, I don’t have any facts to back this up, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least of whether they believed in Jagmet Singh’s policies or not that South Asians will come out in large numbers to support the NDP😄

I hope South Asians prove me wrong, but I’ve on more than one occasion, met South Asians who are clearly Conservatives saying that they’re going to support Jagmet Singh in 2019. Calling whitey the only racists to me is laughable, the fact that Canada has all of these silly minority rights laws is laughable and white people who feel timid around non-white people in fear that they might break laws that white people wrote to suppress Conservative or Right Wing voices is why the Left is pushing to create an authoritarian State.

Sure, leftists won’t brand things like Climate Change and gender pronouns as authoritarianism, they’ll frame and label these things as a society being considerate to minorities, but come on, we all know, they’re coming after our freedom of speech, they’re trying to self-censor you. They’re trying to put a price on the words you see, they’re trying to create an entitled welfare class.

So when Jagmet Singh says he’s open to a coalition? I’ve been saying for years, Jagmeet Singh is Justin Trudeau with a Turban. Trudeau hijacked the NDP platform, the NDP is known as the political party with the worst economics track record in Canada. Look at British Colombia, race aside Premier of British Columbia John Horgan has been an economic disaster for BC. The NDP, similar to the Liberals, similar to the Greens is on their dying legs. I still have the Liberals winning the 2019 election.

I so badly want to be wrong, but I think the Liberals will win a minority government, but I think it will come at the expense of the Greens and the NDP. I think Leftists in Canada right now are TERRIFIED of Andrew Scheer winning the election, Stephen Harper got 3 terms in office and Harper probably would have won again had the Justin Trudeau not been the Liberal leader. Leftists still ove the name Trudeau, Leftist in Canada remember when they felt like Canada was cool. Pierre Trudeau was cool, he was hip, he was trendy, Leftists like that stupid crap.

Justin Trudeau makes Leftists feel like the cool kids in the world, most Leftists, namely the older ones, know Justin Trudeau is an idiot, but they don’t care, the authoritarian Left never cares about economics. The economy will fix itself they convince themselves. Leftists tend to look at the past and ignore the repercussions of their present actions. Leftists like quick fixes and easy answers, Hitler was a quick fix and an easy answer, socialism, in theory, is a quick fix and easy answer. In general, there’s a feeling in the air, that the gravy train in Canada is coming to end.

The one thing Stephen Harper did wrong was he didn’t cut the size of government, he didn’t even attempt to, Stephen Harper was a better manager of the economy, Justin Trudeau has been a disaster for the Canadian economy, I have to remind Canadians, we’re running a deficit, in Switzerland as an example it’s illegal for a politician to run a deficit. A politician intentionally running a deficit and claiming the economy is great is blatant vote-buying and the bill is coming due. Jagmet Singh and Elizabeth May do not want to be Prime Minister, they know what’s coming, they know their policies would make the economy worse and they know Leftism is being challenged in Canada.

Maxime Bernier and Andrew Scheer very well could be a preview of Canada’s future in politics. The Canadian voter is becoming increasingly educated on what’s going on. The Liberals in Canada have gone too far Left, Going to far-Right would also be a cause of concern. Going to far-Right, by the way, is not fascism, going to far-Right is Anarchy. Anarchy refers to the state of a society being without authorities or a governing body, If you listen to most Right-Wingers, like me, we want to shrink the size of government.

Fascism is a big government, Right-wingers don’t want a leader, we don’t want to be forced into war because some idiot with a mustache says so. We want a small government that protects our liberties, rights, and freedoms. THAT’s IT! I don’t want to finance buffoonery. Nor do I want rights violated for some Leftist morons playing the role the Church used to play which is an attempt to micro-manage an control my life. The Leftists are pushing further Left, Jagmet Singh stands by his wanting to SILENCE Maxime Bernier because Maxime says somethings Jagmet Singh doesn’t like.

In advertently, Jagmet Singh may not realize this, but similar to Hitler, Jagmet Singh is book burning, Jagmet attempted to use the power of the State to SILENCE his opposition. Leftists, might not notice what’s happening in Canada, but their worst nightmare might be Trudeau winning the upcoming election. Because I’ve never seen Canada like this before, I know a few things that will emerge if Trudeau wins, like Alberta and Quebec separatism movements growing and an economic downturn. What everything else is up in the air. If Trudeau wins, some of what will happen in Canada is going to catch me off guard because I foresee organic protest movements emerging.

In my personal opinion, Jagmeet Singh and Elizabeth May both missed an opportunity to emerge as the Liberal replacement and the swing voters will now choose between Trudeau and Scheer.

Kelly McParland: Trudeau wanted to give Canadians coalitions — he may yet do so!
| NationalPost.com

Interesting times ahead!