Review – Is it a scam?

The New Rich Report, which you can find at, is an online business opportunity created by internet marketers Joel Broughton and Janet Lagere. Signing up in this website is free of charge. By becoming a member, you will be taken into several steps to be successful in network marketing. You will be given your own affiliate websites and training materials for networking and marketing.

More about New Rich Report

According to its founders, you have to think of your membership as a franchise. Unlike other network marketing opportunities out there, the website will take you into three (3) steps to eventually make you a successful in this business venture. The first step involves signing up with a funded proposal called GDI International. Although this requires you to pay $10/month for membership, you will be earning money from it through recruiting other people.

The second step of the program involves getting into Global Virtual Opportunities. This second step will take you into various tools and training programs for marketing and recruiting. Just as the first step, this second step of the system also provides you with an opportunity to earn money through its own referral system.

The last step of the system is choosing your primary business to promote. This can be the New Rich Report business or something else. It’s totally up for you.

Final thoughts on has gained positive feedback from those who have signed up in it. If it’s your first time to get into network marketing, it will be better to study how the system works first before you sign up for it. Getting into business without proper knowledge of it is risky.

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