Review Is It a Scam? – NovaTech LTD Reviews

NovaTech, LTD is a MLM company and FOREX & CRYPTO TRADING PLATFORM located in St.Vincent and the Grenadines, it has a PO Box address which for me signals some warning bells. Personally, I have no problem with companies being located in certain countries to avoid taxation, regulation, and general overreach, but a PO Box address along with my inability to know who the people are behind NovaTech LTD sound the alarm bell in my head. Below is the current NovaTech, LTD address as of the date of this post-publication

NovaTech, LTD
Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Center PO Box 1510
Beachmont Kingstown, Saint George, VC0120

[email protected]
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM Pacific Time

As an investor myself, if I’m, to be honest, I see crypto more as a speculative digital asset, that for the most part doesn’t pay dividends and is more reliant on capital gains. This for me is why we’re seeing a lot of these crypto-“investments” pivot into Multi-Level Marketing. If central banks continue counterfeiting money with Quantitative Easing(QE) and they can never NORMALIZE interest rates thereby making Zero Percent Interest rate policy(ZIRP) permanent, government deficit spending to stimulate the economy moving forward is inevitable and based on what we’ve seen, governments sending people money to do NOTHING to date has signaled that the price of digital tokens like Bitcoin will ascend in value.

If you comprehend the relationship cryptos have with central banks, Big Governments, and rule-by-fiat money, you might find yourself asking the same question I ask when I think about NovaTech LTD, who invited you? What do I need you for? If as an example you’re an expert at Internet Marketing Multi-Level Marketing has its benefits, because you’ll have an opportunity to take advantage of the 7 WAYS TO GET PAID. To save time I’ll mention 3 below


What Does NovaTech, LTD Offer?

We offer you the opportunity to trade with us in one of the most profitable markets in the world, while providing additional benefits for sharing our program with others.

Earn a direct referral bonus for sponsoring new members. Receive additional level-up bonuses when they upgrade!

Earn indirect referral bonuses when your direct downlines sponsor new members. Receive additional level-up bonuses when they upgrade!

Earn a matching bonus every time your direct downlines earn a trading bonus. As their income grows, so does yours! etc. etc.

7 WAYS TO GET PAID | What Does NovaTech, LTD Offer?

You can learn more about their opportunity on their website, if you decide to enroll in you’ll need some sort of sponsor, I’m obviously not a member nor am I recommending this to anyone, but if you like these pyramid schemes, at the very least sign up with someone that will offer you some sort of kickback, get them to send you some satoshis or something, barter with them if you’re on the downline, demand to be compensated by your upline or threaten to leave.

I’m a shrewd businessperson, I’m a dividend investor, I’m the boring cashflow investor, that even during this era in which capital appreciation is all the rage, still manages to work less than 98% of people on this planet. NovaTech LTD the business model is all about generating monthly cash flow for themselves at your expense, while you and your money take all the risk.

Anyway, make sure you take the time to look at all the management, Commission, and Spread fees NovaTech LTD takes away from your POTENTIAL profits. The price of all assets fluctuates, so don’t allow the hype to Nova(New)-Tech hype cloud your thinking. Remember the goal is to make more money than you spend, Your profits should far exceed your expenses. Consider reading their pdf prior to signing up, click the link below

NovaTech Account Comparison – PAMM | MT5(As of February 2022)

At the very least NovaTech LTD is transparent? I will not be recommending NovaTech LTD at this time, with that said, I’ve given you enough information to make an informed decision, on whether to sign up. I will not be signing up for or recommending NovaTech LTD at this time. Any questions or concerns you have regarding NovaTech LTD should be directed to their staff directly. All the best!