NPD Research Panel Review

When getting into doing online surveys allow me to remind you that you must first qualify for the survey in order to get paid. Never pay to join a survey company or directory. Actually you can pay for convenience sake if you want I just don’t recommend it personally.

NPD Research Panel is not a scam they pay i know they mostly cater to American and Canadian users. Which is quite common in this industry. I would say the down side to this survey company like all others is that all the surveys that they send you are not cash paying surveys they are contest surveys. Since the survey industry has been clamping down on cheaters this has slowly evolved into almost all the survey companies. I know some of you who might be reading this are new to taking surveys but I’ve been doing this for at least 7 years.

What used to happen is cheaters and mainly cheat bots. You could even do a Google search today and still find people selling survey and form bots. What happened from my understanding is there was some freeware that a lot of people were downloading and using to take online surveys which was ripping of the survey companies.

Then the survey companies started using captchas and other things to fight the cheating and then a whole bunch of people started get kicked out some people weren’t getting paid and basically it forced the industry into making some serious changes which is unfortunately what a lot of you newbies are feeling today. A lot of contest surveys are now being sent out in a lot of the major survey company’s reason being it lets the companies know who is serious and who is not. Personally i don’t think it’s fair but that hasn’t stopped me from participating online surveys, personally I find it hard to turn down easy money.

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NPD Research is not a scam but from getting to know the members I am finding a common theme which is most people from NPD Research Panel live in North America. NPD only sends out contest emails. Most of the testimonials I’ve seen from NPD Research Panel are from Canadian users so if you are an American reading this I would say stick with SurveySpot

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