OPEC is back in charge, plans new output policy meeting, while Western ‘Leaders’ push forward with a Corporatist Carbon Credits Scheme – July 17, 2021,

Led by President Joe Biden, the United States is currently embracing a global socialist climate change agenda which almost certainly forces Western Fossil Fuel companies to purchase carbon credits and sign up for other government redistribution schemes, which in many ways will make a lot of these fossil fuel companies even richer, as there is are a lot of financial benefits for Western fossil fuel companies to financial support this new green agenda.

After all, under this Joe Biden-led carbon credits scheme, only the consumers will get screwed, the people at the top will reap all the rewards and have less competition to worry about. OPEC which via the fiat U.S dollar was able to guarantee itself a firm grip on the Petroleum market is now 100% in the drivers seat, so in their upcoming meeting scheduled July 18, 2021, they can do whatever the hell they want to do.


For their own bottom lines, OPEC may decide to lower input or it may decide to increase output, being that Western Nations have straddled their economies with this climate agenda, OPEC is 100% in the driver’s seat. This by the way allows OPEC countries the ability to borrow as much money as they want, which is one of the reasons under Barack Obama why there was so much terrorism.

I’m sure there are nice members in OPEC, but there are obviously people in OPEC who have their own personal agendas, and one of the problems with this current fiat economic system, is that when you have the right assets you can literally print money.

In a competitive energy market, oil is merely a commodity, but via this Paris Climate agreement, Oil is all of sudden as scarce as OPEC wants it to be. As is the case with tobacco, the government is helping established entities to rule with impunity, this is of course why capitalists keep telling central planners to stop tinkering with the economy.

I’m hoping for the best, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the world descends into chaos in the next few years. Now, if the governments really want to combat climate change they’d change this socialist carbon credits scheme with a reward system, which would reward any company that could bring sustainable renewable energy to the world with a trillion dollars are something like that.

These carbon credit schemes are going to be a huge problem in the future as this form of energy corporatism is going to distort the entire global economy.

OPEC+ plans new output policy meeting on Sunday, sources say | reuters.com

Interesting times ahead!