OpinionSquare.com Review – Is it a scam?

Opinion Square, which you can find at OpinionSquare.com, is an online research company that claims to have a research panel that totals over 2 million, the largest research panel of its kind. The company claims to have clients both from business world and media organizations. This market research company helps these organizations obtain an idea with regards to the the trends and patterns of average internet users.

In order to become part of the research activities of Opinion Square, you have to sign up in their website. Members of the site will be given the chance to participate in surveys in areas such as financial services, travel, healthcare, automotive, retail, and other industries.

More about Opinion Square

Market research companies operate either through sending members with survey questions in their email or ask them to download a software that will keep track of their online activities. Opinion Square is more on the latter. By becoming of the member of the site, you will be asked to download their software which will keep track of your activities online.

Signing up in Opinion Square will also ask you to give them consent to contact your television service provider. Your television service provider will be contacted to provide them with information regarding the programs and channels that you watch. Unlike other research companies who will provide you with cash in exchange for your information, Opinion Square will provide you with one entry to their monthly sweepstakes. This monthly draw will give you chance to win $100-$100,000. Aside from this, you will also be provided with occasional surveys in exchange for gift cards.

Final thoughts on OpinionSquare.com

OpinionSquare.com is among the growing number of market research websites. If you’re comfortable having your online activity/program information being shared in exchange for gift cards or sweepstakes entries, then signing up with this website is a good option. It would be better though to have an email address different from your personal email for websites such as this.

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