Opportunity Knocks: Kazakhstan to start oil sales through Azerbaijan’s biggest oil pipeline to bypass Russia after Russian Feds threat to shut them down – August 14, 2022,

Wars are expensive, and they also create UNEXPECTED problems; if you’re an investor in nuclear energy, you know about Kazakhstan; what I wasn’t aware of was that Kazakhstan had oil for sale and Russia’s involvement in their oil sector. Russia probably has a reason for doing what it’s doing, but Kazakhstan needs to get product to market; it’s a developing nation that needs to find a way to grow its economy.

Kazakh oil exports account for more than 1% of world supplies which is fairly large, and I assume it could potentially become a major player if it had more distribution channels. Kazakhstan is one of the largest landlocked regions in the world, and you’ll notice that in a lot of landlocked regions, their politicians have to be a whole lot smarter than politicians with geographic advantages.

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Kazakhstan doesn’t border with Azerbaijan, meaning that the Caspian Sea, I assume, will play a huge role in all of this. The other player in all of this is Georgia which also doesn’t share a border with Kazakhstan. The country that does share a border with Kazakhstan is China, which is the country I was thinking about.

I’m not sure of the Kazakhstan-China relations, but once this came to my attention, I’m curious to know why Kazakhstan hasn’t made China their number one customer. I don’t think anything about these deal from Kazakhstan were malicious in any way; the bottom line is Kazakhstan is the world’s largest landlocked country, and they have to take the Russian threat seriously.

The Russians are flexing their muscles on the rest of Europe, and there’s no telling how long this will last, but if you’re a landlocked nation, you’re reliant on air travel for trade, and you also have to find a way to ATTRACT capital to your country. I’m not sure about the politics of Kazakhstan. What tends to happen to former socialist/communist nations is that Socialism or Orwellian speak tends to get embedded into the language and the culture.

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Until 1991 Kazakhstan was under the control of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics(USSR), and for a lot of victims of the USSR, it’s still very difficult for them to wrap their minds around Free Market Capitalism because the concept of FREEDOM is banned from their language. If you listen to a Vladimir Putin speech as an example, he often sounds very pragmatic, as do most people who speak Russian, but missing from Russian pragmatism is Individualism or self-autonomy, as their pragmatism often involves COLLECTISM.

Socialism revolves around the “Greater Good” of the government, which is sold to the victims of socialism as the greater good for them because, after all, the government is a representation of the people. Correct? Ofcourse I disagree with that because I’m at LIBERTY of doing so, but imagine if disagreeing with the government could cost you your life? Would certain words not be banned from your vocabulary?

In Western nations, what is now the “N-word” is not used by most non-black people. Now, when I was younger, I did not understand why some NON-RACISTS people refused to stop using the “N-word”, I thought those people were being unreasonable when I was younger, it wasn’t until I learned about 1984 that I began to understand why they were doing that. Sure these people weren’t perfect or model citizens, but as an older person, now I get it.

Once you ban words from your vocabulary, you’re also banning SPEECH, and you teaching your fellow citizens to be subservient to the government or ruling classes, which will only get worse with time. Because where does it stop? In Western culture, almost any word a person uses is found to be offensive by Left-wingers can cost a person their economic livelihood.

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What I’m getting at here is that Russian aggression towards Ukraine might have unintended consequences, and unexpected alliances might be formed the longer this war rages on. Money talks, bullsh*t walks. Russia is messing with a lot of people’s MONEY, and based on what happened in Sri Lanka, no developing nation wants that to happen in their country, which will cause countries like Kazakhstan to get creative.

There’s nothing convenient about this Kazakhstan-Azerbaijan deal. The Azerbaijan and Georgia deal is also inconvenient, I imagine, but Kazakhstan has to find a way to survive economically, and it’s usually common sense PRAGMATIC economics that led to prosperity, and it’s one of those infections that spread quickly. Sometimes Socialist nations stumble on capitalism.

If you grow up surrounded by socialist thinkers, free market capitalism sounds foreign and even evil, but it’s not until your backs are against the wall and you allow free markets into your country that you start to comprehend that the socialists had it wrong all along and it allowing people to have more freedom is the best way to bring prosperity to a nation and to the world!

Exclusive-Kazakhstan to start oil sales via Azeri pipeline to bypass Russia | Reuters.com

Interesting times ahead!