Justin Trudeau attends a Black Lives Matter demonstration on Parliament Hill June 6, 2020

Justin Trudeau attends a Black Lives Matter demonstration on Parliament Hill June 6, 2020

Ottawa police didn’t ask feds to invoke the Emergencies Act, but CBC writer Attempts To Create a Narrative To Reframe Justin Trudeau’s Lazy Response To The Freedom Convoy – October 13, 2022,


Invoking the Emergencies Act was an action of LAZINESS by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; it’s really that simple; however, in order to reframe the debate, Catharine Tunney and others like her, for biased political reasons, are opting to talk about the trauma the people of Ottawa felt as if Protests are supposed to friendly?

Obviously, if I lived in an area in which protestors were making a mockery of my quality of life, I’d want them removed IMMEDIATELY, but can we stop ignoring the HUGE part the lazy Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, played in all of this, by refusing to meet with the protestors, because as an example when it came to PROTESTORS the Prime Minister agreed with, he went out of his way to address their concerns.



Justin Trudeau isn’t the prime minister of the Liberal Party, he’s the Prime Minister of CANADA, and sometimes that means doing things that you might imagine are BENEATH you, so you can RESTORE ORDER. It’s not a secret that Ottawa Police could have removed the protesters anytime they felt like it, but the real problem for Ottawa Police was getting tow truck drivers to remove trucks from downtown Ottawa.

Trudeau says use of Emergencies Act was ‘necessary to restore order’ in Ottawa and the country | cbc.ca

Invoking The Emergencies Act solved a lot of problems all at once; however, it wasn’t the time to invoke it, and that’s why I believe CRIMINAL charges should be filed, because this was NOT reason, nor the time for Justin Trudeau to declare himself a DICTATOR. I’m not in the legal business, and I’m unaware of how the defense will present their arguments, but I know how I would present mine.

The police didn’t need the Emergencies Act; what the police needed was for the Prime Minister to be a LEADER instead of a lazy coward. This was actually a VERY EASY FIX for Justin Trudeau to get the police on his side. Justin Trudeau, with a massive police presence, could have easily gone outside, out of his COMFORT zone, and announced to the protestors OUTSIDE, using a microphone, “Your government hears your concerns, but my decisions regarding mandates still stand; we ask the protestors to go home or face criminal charges.”

Documents introduced at the Emergencies Act inquiry will tell ‘quite the story,’ lawyer says | cbc.ca (Catharine Tunney)

Now, had the police had a Prime Minister who wasn’t a coward, they would have felt more CONFIDENT in removing the protestors, typically police don’t want to come across as THUGS; the Freedom Convoy was an unprecedented event, and because the tow truck drivers were refusing to cooperate, the truth of the matter is that towing all of those trucks would have taken a lot longer if the Emergencies Act wasn’t invoked, however clearing Ottawa Streets of protestors, would have easy.

Blair says police didn’t ask for Emergencies Act, but did ask for help ending blockades | cbc.ca

The Emergencies Act allowed for the CONFISCATION of private bank accounts, as well as FORCING tow truck drivers to remove trucks from downtown Ottawa, this SPED up the process, and I could argue that if I lived or worked in the section of Ottawa that was affected by the Freedom Convoy protestors, I would have welcomed ANYTHING that would have removed these protestors, so I say this comprehending why a lot of people may side with Trudeau, but… what he did was clearly ILLEGAL!

Emergency Preparedness Minister: police did not ask for Emergencies Act | ctvnews.ca

The need for Catharine Tunney of the CBC to change the narrative regarding invoking The Emergencies Act is the problem with modern journalism, and it’s why defunding the CBC is becoming increasingly popular. These feelings-based articles aren’t rooted in what the Emergencies Act is SUPPOSED to be used for. There was NO national security risk to Canada or to Ottawa; the people of Ottawa were merely and RIGHTFULLY annoyed.

But we can’t pretend that Justin Trudeau did everything in his power to AVOID using the Emergencies Act; all the evidence suggests that it was invoked because it was the FASTEST way for Trudeau to end the Freedom Convoy protest. That’s all well and good for the Pro-Trudeau crowd, but it’s ILLEGAL for Trudeau to do that; that’s not what the Emergencies Act was designed for, and if Trudeau gets away with this, what’s stopping any future Prime Minister from doing it, again, for any reason?

When the police say they didn’t need the Emergencies Act for OTTAWA, it means they didn’t see the protestors as any real threat, meaning that the protestors were merely a NUISANCE that needed to be dealt with appropriately. The use of the Emergencies Act is if Canada is in a VIOLENT WAR. If, let’s say, these protestors were kidnapping and killing people or threatening to use VIOLENCE to take over the government, from the police perspective, then I’d imagine they’d want SPECIAL powers, but nothing like this happened.

Similar to Central bankers and other usually non-political public sector entities, the police don’t want to get into the politics of things, most officers I imagine are under 45 and most probably didn’t even know the Emergencies Act was a thing; I’m sure most leaders in the police didn’t even think about using the Emergencies Act because again at BEST these protestors were a NUISANCE, which is what being a PROTESTOR is all about.

Ottawa interim police chief Steve Bell didn’t ask feds to invoke Emergencies Act | globalnews.ca

As a protestor, you’re DISRUPTING daily life for people to draw attention to something IMPORTANT TO YOU. Now, these protestors were so non-violent that the police were struggling to find a reason to arrest them, and truth be told, Justin Trudeau made their jobs more difficult by NOT doing what he did with the Black Lives Matter protestors.

Trudeau immediately defused the BLM protestors by appearing to be united with them; I remind the reader that Trudeau is the PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA; he’s not the Prime Minister of Left Wing organizations. The Protestors could make all the demands they want, and Trudeau could have said NO! But instead, Trudeau started to insinuate the protestor’s NAZIS and other derogatory labels, which actually made the job of the police more DIFFICULT because they couldn’t find any of these Nazis or racists.

The police merely are following the leader; the protests were not geared towards Ottawa’s mayor; the protests were aimed squarely at Trudeau, who took the COWARDS way out. Now, Canada risks having a KANGAROO COURT, which is what many expect, and it really is an EMBARRASSMENT that Justin Trudeau is going to put Canada through this.

In both Canada and the United States, Justin Trudeau(emergencies Act) and Joe Biden (Hunter Biden and Joe selling out America for money) we’re LOSING the moral high ground in REAL TIME. Not only are Canada and America losing manufacturing jobs, but we’re also destroying our SOCIAL STANDING in the world because everyone who wants to observe what will be an embarrassment of justice in Canada will be able to observe how DEMOCRATICALLY elected Justin Trudeau is ABOVE the law.

A lot of Left Wingers like the idea that their guy Justin Trudeau is going to beat this; what they’re not understanding is that this will open the door for countries to be OVERTLY combative with us. Canada was never imagined to be a country with Kangaroo courts. Still, it will be after this. Unlike in the past, when people like Catharine Tunney could frame a story in a way that benefited those in power, in the modern era, via social media and the internet, everyone got to see Justin Trudeau’s miscarriage of Justice. Quite frankly, there’s no coming back from this; that’s what hurts me the most.

Ottawa’s interim police chief didn’t ask for Emergencies Act during Freedom Convoy | cbc.ca

Interesting times ahead!