PowWeb.com Review

With the stiff competition getting on in the hosting industry, more and more web hosting service providers are including ‘unlimited’ specifications, mostly on bandwidth and disk space, to attract more users. Although in reality these aren’t really ‘unlimited’ as users are still bound for certain server limitations, these are still great features that users can make use of.

More about PowWeb

PowWeb of PowWeb.com’s shared hosting plans joined the trend of the unlimited features. It offers users with unlimited bandwidth, making it easier for those who are anticipating for more site visitors. Plus, with its unlimited disk space, users can expand their websites the way they want to. They can go with multimedia-rich content and go beyond the basic text.

Other than its unlimited bandwidth and disk space, PowWeb also offers support for the usual scripts and a basic website builder for those who wanted to come up with a functional and decent-looking site in just a few clicks. However, instead of having Fantastico as the script installer, PowWeb makes use of InstallCentral.

Final thoughts on PowWeb.com

PowWeb.com has a pretty decent set of features. Those who will be encountering problems along the way could seek help from its organized database, small online help area, and for more complicated queries, there’s the direct contact option. The only downside of this company is its pricing which is more than what its competitors offer. This gives PowWeb the impression that it doesn’t give good value for money as one can have the same features for a more budget-friendly price.

If you’re looking for a reliable web hosting service provider, you better check out Host Gator. The company has been consistently being recommended by many website owners.