Provinces relax COVID-19 restrictions as FULLY VACCINATED Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed he tested positive for the Covid-19 – February 1, 2022,


It’s sad to say, that Justin Trudeau lies so much that it’s hard to know when he’s telling the truth, I’m ashamed as a Canadian to admit that I’m not sure if Trudeau tested positive for Covid-19 or if he’s simply trying to avoid confronting the Truckers. One would assume, Trudeau is buying his time, potentially appearing when the public least expects him to, and make a calculated speech to make himself appear in control of the situation.

Canadians have gotten used to the tyranny and it’s really an embarrassment at this point. If the fully vaccinated Justin Trudeau really tested positive for the virus he told us he’s vaccinated against, what does that tell us about the vaccines and the vaccine mandates? In normal times this would be a joke, but in the 1984-like-modern-era in which a select few, imagine they have control over the narrative, we actually have to push back against this type if stupid tyranny.

I personally think a lot of the reasons why SOME Canadians accept tyranny is they want Government welfare or they want to be the beneficiaries of future government welfare. I think some Canadians are genuine with their belief that government mandates are the right path forward, but I think the vast majority of these pro-vaccine folks, merely like government welfare, which by the way includes growing public sector employment.

You have to remember that the participants of the Freedom Convoy either work for a Pro-Liberty employer or they themselves are owner operators of their own trucks. I’ve written posts about the emerging Gig economy and why some provinces have sided with as an example the Taxi Cab lobbyists. Well, the fear of a Freedom Convoy is the reason. There’s a very real economic and financial penalty for people who are employed by someone else to step out of line, whereas a self-employed person naturally will seek out personal liberty.

Governments like big corporations, because big corporations bring big governments INCOME TAXES, an income tax is merely a price you pay for working for wages. Wages are a price regulation for labour, that allows the government to charge you a higher tax on your labour, wages come with benefits of course, but as a wage earner you pay a lot of money for those benefits.

Life is different and your mentality changes when you have to pay out of pocket money to the government as a self-employed person. When you’re self-employed, government regulations, government mandates are like a smack in the face, government mandates and regulations can BANKRUPT you, now you have to keep in mind that MOST businesses go bankrupt naturally, but imagine your business went bankrupt because of a NEW government mandate? Maybe you’d start looking at the government differently.

Anyway let’s hope the prime minister recovers, he’s after all fully vaccinated so I suspect he should fair well.

Provinces relax COVID-19 restrictions as Trudeau tests positive for virus |

Interesting times ahead!