Quick Reminder: The Spanish Flu Never Stopped Mutating, Influenza Apparently Vanished Once Government Approved Medical Professionals Were Granted New Powers – July 31, 2021,

The emerging Delta Variant is such a problem in Texas that Joe Biden and the Democrats have enacted political policies that have caused a massive surge at the U.S Mexico border. In the video I point to below, a Doctor based out of Texas does his best to spook Canadians into getting vaccinated.

So just to give the Delta Variant some perspective, I challenge the reader of this post to type “coronavirus deaths India” into Google. India being the country hit hardest by the Delta variant, don’t listen to me look at the facts for yourself.

At the peak of the Delta variant in India, which by the way has 1.3 BILLION a maximum of 4600 people per day were dying. That number has since peaked and has dropped off considerably, why? Some are saying it’s because they’ve changed how they collect data.

After being ravaged by the delta Covid variant, how is India doing now? | cnbc.com

So, as many of us know, if a speck of the virus is found in a person’s system at the time of death depending on the politics of the day, it will be considered a death caused because of the politically popular disease. Well, in India as an example, they still have a plethora of other diseases, killing people and in order for people to get the proper treatment for a particular disease, the doctors have to make recommendations to cure the disease more likely to be the root cause of death.

The Mystery Of India’s Plummeting COVID-19 Cases | npr.org

Now, obviously, this is an inconvenient truth, that most people aren’t taking the current political virus as seriously as they’d take say the ebola virus, but this doesn’t mean that it should be ignored. The question is, are these vaccines really working? can they work? as I like to point out, the Spanish Flu, never stopped mutating, Influenza only disappeared since this new political virus gave politicians and politically connected medical professionals more powers.

It was a hard sell, prior to the political virus that Influenza had been killing people at an alarming rate. There was a surge in influenza deaths prior to the political virus. Maybe the political virus consumed the old influenza viruses? the whole gain of function thing is quite the story, being that people and entities connected to the government were involved in the political virus, but… that’s another post for another day.

The talk of the day is the inconsistencies in political policy, as well as the choices humans are making to get to America in the face of this deadly political disease. Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau appear to be more concerned about getting votes than they are saving lives.

Both Trudeau and Biden appear more concerned about climate change and social justice than the political disease. This is why I call it the political disease. If this were Ebola, I’m certain, those borders would be locked and politically connected doctors wouldn’t have to sell people on why they should be vaccinated, which by the way is what all this fear-mongering is all about, as I’ve been saying for a year now the flu shot is a cash flowing business like a cash flowing rental property and I suspect these medical corporate entities want the same for this popular political disease.

I remind people that Canada has Universal (one size fits all) health care, imagine being in the vaccine business and you land that Canadian CASH FLOWING contract, that would be a permanent cash-flowing fixture for your private company. Most people do not understand corporate welfare and how it sneaks up on you.

Most of us have seen what Ebola and other more serious diseases can do. This political disease overwhelmingly appears to be targeting a certain demographic of people. Now, on the flip side, this political disease has proven to be a very lucrative endeavor for people who prefer leisure overwork, and who am I to rush these individuals back to the jobs they hate.

All I will say is shortages are a real thing, and so are bankruptcies, we’re in an era in which everyone knows the central banks are interacting policies to debase the money supply, which doesn’t seem like the big of a deal right now. But economic deflation and price appreciation accelerates poverty and poverty is one of those things, that creeps up on you when you least expect it to.

Once people start feeling hopeless, that USUALLY creates a whole new shift in policy, and unfortunately, because most people don’t understand economics, and opt for more government intervention, things tend to get worse before they get better.

Make sure you seek medical advice from the people qualified to give it to you.

‘If you are unvaccinated … your luck is about to run out’: physician

Interesting times ahead