scaM Learn the Truth is pretty convincing website had I not known better i would have fallen for them. I’m not sure and I can’t be certain exactly where they get there traffic from because i havent tried them before but i’m almost certain the traffic comes from traffic exchanges.

There are several traffic exchanges i think revisitors traffic can come from one of the largest traffic exchanges is called Traffic Swarm i’m not saying or guaranteeing thats where Revisitors gets there traffic but i’m pretty sure it’s a traffic exchange. A traffic exchange in case your not certain is a place where website owners and affiliates exchange traffic. If your thinking of using Revisitors to increase your adsense revenue.

I would say BAD idea. Also i highly doubt you will double your you will make back your return in adrevenue using a service like revisitors. What i think someone should do is sign up for a google anaylitcs account and then sign up for Revisitor. that would help or should help shine a light on where revisitors gets there traffic from. Also it will help the person paying for the service to see if there getting unique clicks to there website.

Again i’m not saying that revisitors gets there traffic from traffic exchanges i just think that most likely that where they get there traffic from, and for those of you not familiar with google adsenses terms of service traffic exchanges are banned and using them to get your adsense clicks can get you banned.  Also if your using them to promote CPA networks beware that might get you banned from the CPA network also.

If your just trying to promote your website I still dont recommend because you can get more visitors to your website at a much cheaper price at a place like Easyhits4u if your looking only to build adsense traffic personally i think you might want to switch networks maybe go try a company thats not google.

If you’re looking for easy inexpensive web traffic I recently wrote a post about that click the link to visit that post.

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