SilverPop Review

Silver Pop formerly known as Vtrenz is a great solution for lead management software the only point i want to make clear to the reader here is that one size does not fit all. Although you might find it time consuming you want to find a lead management software that is specific to your business.

When it comes to any lead management software it’s important to note that there is no such thing as one size fits all. In general key areas you want to look before committing to one company are what is your own specific organizational marketing needs; with this information you can then evaluate vendors based on features and functions. Marketing automation is based on strategy, So before purchasing any lead management software make sure everything lines up correctly with your organization!

SilverPop Systems Inc Is it Right For My Organization???

Before purchasing a lead management software you need to consider the following first. What is your company size, what are your business needs, Number of product lines, number and type of Customer Relationship Management and Sales Force Automation (CRM/SFA) systems you have, number of marketing channels you may want to employ in the future (email, social media, mobile, search, etc.) all of these things should play a major role in your decision process.

Think about the long term strategic direction of your organization, If you are Business to business today but know through some impending event like acquisition you may move into Business to consumer , then take that into account before choosing SilverPop. If your organization is Business to business now but its thinking of launching an eCommerce site later on you want to consider that in decision process, The key thing to remember is that there is NO one size fits all approach to purchasing lead management software.

Silver Pop Competitors.

Below is a list I made of Silver Pop Competitors that you may want to consider. I took the links off because some of them had moved or changed names a simple search should help you find them on your own they are not in any particular order.
Manticore Technology
FirstReef SalesFusion360
TreeHouse Interactive
Lead Life
True Influence

In closing before selecting any lead management software be sure it matches with the overall goal of your business. Please post your comments below.