SnapDollars Review Is It a Scam

I’ve had to request about this program about if they pay. Snap Dollars does pay but they take their sweet time to pay you. Which is ok in some respects depending on what get paid industry you plan to waste your time in. But the thing that bothers me with snap dollars is that they have a paid to shop feature or “freebie” feature. If you are offering your users freebies there is absolutely no reason to take your time paying your members.

Snap Dollars verse Inbox Dollars

If you we’re to sign up for a program like Inbox Dollars which I mention mainly because it’s very simular to snap dollars you will be paid within a month usually and with Inbox Dollars once you get paid once! the bonuses start to come in.  Snap Dollars does everything ancient from my view. From my perspective only good promotion keeps this program afloat. I joined this program along time ago and with me as a very impatient person I got really annoyed from this site.

One thing especially got me annoyed was the fact that if you read the terms of service with snap dollars it states “Payments may be denied if less than $15 is from the completion of offers”. This is not putting anyone down but i don’t complete offers on these types of programs i usually make others do the work for me. The only place i have paid complete offers is at Project Pay Day that being said when i remove that from this site i am left with a very ancient looking program. I’m not saying you won’t get paid from them but unlike Inbox dollars that has been paying me every month for the past 4 years i have NEVER once received a check or a seen posted paypal payment from snap dollars ever.

maybe they are people with different stories i don’t know but I can’t recommend them because I find them so bland I can’t find a reason to tell anyone to join Snap Dollars there’s nothing that stands out to me about this company. If you ask people about Inbox Dollars they will tell you like i am telling you now it won’t make you rich but they do pay.

Snap Dollars i would say join with caution I would be slow to call it a scam. To me it would probably make more sense to join them if you live outside the United States. If you live in the U.S i think you can do a lot better snap dollars but on that note don’t let my opinion stop you from signing up.