Freelance Writer

How to be a successful Freelancer?

When getting into freelancing it’s crucial that you go in with a plan. If I we’re you my plan would be to first build a reputation by charging customers low prices and then once I build my reputation and get a lot of positive feedback I would gradually raise my price. This not the only thing I would do, as my clientele base grows I would create a website and tell the people that liked my work to contact me there.

Do I need a fancy website?

The website or blog doesn’t even have to be fancy because remember the customer(s) have already worked with you and therefore trust you. As you get more and more customers and make more and more money this is when you yourself can start outsourcing the work you get. Why do this you ask? Because then you can do more jobs and charge customers the same low price without actually doing the work.

Becoming your own boss

This is when you become a boss, my guess is that if you’re getting into Freelancing you have a talent that you want to sell to the world well the truth is that as unique as all of us are many of us share similar talents so if you go into freelancing with a plan and another person does not you can in time by following my plan above mentioned begin to start your own freelancing business.  Where the only job you do is oversee the work that’s being done. How do I know this you ask? Because this is one of the ways I make my money online. It’s not hard at all and actually I learned this from some people in India.

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