The Awareness Diet of is not your usual weight loss program. Unlike other diet programs that make you feel deprived, the Awareness Diet helps you lose weight by making you choose food base on your body’s natural instincts.

Claiming to help people create lasting changes, the Awareness Diet Program comes with 25 sessions and worksheets that will you condition your thoughts and beliefs about food and body.

More About the Awareness Diet

The Awareness Diet is for people who are fed up with fad diets and who wants to ¬†eat in harmony with their body’s needs. This special program can be done virtually in any place one chooses. The activities can be done online as long as there is internet access or where one could print out the worksheets and filled in by hand.

The weight loss program from aims to help one reconnect with their inner selves to resolve issues that lead to overeating. According to Awareness Diet, understanding your body needs and listening to your own voice helps determine the best ways to nourish and nurture your bodies.

Interested individuals should be at least 18 years old in order to join the Awareness Diet program. By signing up as a member, one will be provided with an individualized account, printable worksheet forms, 5 support sessions, comprehensive aftercare program, access to summaries of skills learned by each stage, and a subscription to the Awareness Diet newsletter.

Final thoughts on

While the Awareness Diet promotes understanding of inner issues and eating in accordance to one’s body natural instincts, it’s not a substitute for conventional psychotherapy or medical treatment. Participants are encouraged to seek further professional help in conjunction with this program.

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