Review – Is it a scam?

Established in 1999, is a website that claims to be the largest online lotto style sweepstakes. Since the year it was founded, it claims to have awarded $96,040,057  worth in money and prizes. Unlike other online lotto websites, doesn’t require their users to pay a certain amount to play their numbers.

How FreeLotto Works

In, users have the chance to win everyday by playing in the following games: FreeLotto $1 Million Cash Classic, $10k Fast Cash, $100k Pay Off Your Mortgage, $50k Win A Car, $100k Giveaway, and $10 Million FreeLotto Superbucks. Registration at is free of charge. You simply just have to provide your real full name, email address, and current postal address. All results will be sent to you by daily mail.

Advertisers and sponsors make it possible for FreeLotto to allow their users to play their games and win prizes without charging a certain amount. However, in exchange for this, users are bound for an agreement to view the ads on their email and at FreeLotto website.

FreeLotto also offers a paid service called F.A.S.T. Subscription Service. This paid service allows users to choose the numbers they wish to play and these six numbers will be automatically played in each game.

Final thoughts on

Websites like has become the most common business model of sponsors and advertisers. While FreeLotto doesn’t charge users for playing their games and getting the chance to win from them, users have to bear receiving the promotional ads from these companies.

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