Review Is It a Scam?

Asking for my email is one thing but asking for my mobile phone number is something else. Like many of you reading this I was solicited via Facebook about this Neurs opportunity which as of March 2014 is picking up steam because of the income potential for their affiliates.

Based on what I understand about Neurs it doesn’t appear to be a scam in my opinion however I think their service is really expensive and being that I’m not the type of person that will promote an ONLINE program that I have pay to join this is not something I’m going to recommend to anyone at this time. They’re charging $99 for to join which gets you 1000 credits.

Yes they have a credit system ladies and gentlemen and almost every action you make on their site will cost you credits $997 will get you 15000 credits  Unused credits do roll over. What I found interesting is that the price they charge in dollars is the same they charge in euros. So it will be 99 for 1000 credits or 997 for 15000 credits. 

Personal thoughts regarding

I think Neurs which is short for “Entrepreneurs” has a great concept that I think they should have made free. Only time will tell but I think Neurs left the door open for another company to come in and usurp their concept. I wanted to touch on “patents” quickly because it was part of the “Neurs” sales pitch. If many of you are wondering why innovation on the internet are moving along so slowly it’s because of “patents”.

I know this a bit off topic but there are tons of genius kids all over the world with some great game changing ideas and concepts but they can’t get them to the public because of fear they might get “SUED” because a particular element of their site contains something that has already has a patent on it.

I think should consider visiting “Khan Academy” personally I think they would benefit long term if they changed their model because the Entrepreneurship community will find away around the service Neurs is providing. Which when broken down isn’t that complicated.

Final thoughts regarding

Only time will tell how successful Neurs will be in the future based on my review and and seeing the reviews from some of their affiliates I’m already disinterested in their services. Being that they charge so much money for their service members will demand a lot and being truthful; based on what I’ve seen I just don’t see their idea working for example sites like already exist and if you’re a business person with an idea and you need funding just type “crowd funding”  into Google there are a bunch of different sites that already exist and charge users only after their business idea has been funded.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND I don’t think they’re a fraud or a hoax or anything I think they’re legit but I’m not recommending them that said don’t let me stop you from joining them! Best wishes!

Please leave your comments or experiences with it helps others.

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