Why is hydroxychloroquine being demonized? Consider this news: Pfizer announces deal with Canada for experimental COVID-19 vaccine – August 5, 2020,

So in a previous RichInWriters article date July 31, 2020, I wrote about the following:

So although we’re in the eye of the COVID-19 storm a lot of people involved in government from a number of different countries are trying to secure they have control over what will be a whole new coronavirus marketplace.Herman Cain dies from coronavirus at 74 – The Question remains was he taking Hydroxychloroquine? | Richinwriters.com

I knew about this Pfizer and a few other deals months ago, because of my insiders, I know a lot about what happens in Canadian government, I’m very disgusted about what’s going on, but unfortunately, this is nothing new, it’s been the norm for as long as I can remember. I want to remind people that Barack Obama via politics is multi-millionaire when it’s all said and done, Barack Obama might be a billionaire, why? Because of OBAMACARE!

Now, truth be told the Canadian government is more transparent than the U.S government when you’re an investor. Universal health care is accepted here in Canada, Canadians love them a big ole government, and let’s be honest I’m pretty sure even the Conservatives voters are gad there’s something out there that can help us to return to normal life, but be warned Canada, take Theresa Tams words at face value.

COVID-19 vaccine won’t be a ‘silver bullet,’ chief public health officer says | CBC

My sources have informed me that the Canadian government is going to milk this COVID-19 for everything it’s worth. I don’t think the average person understands how powerful the pharmaceutical industry is. I use Barack Obama, as an example, but because humans are so dumb, they assume that Obama should be a multi-millionaire after leaving politics because he was the president, but no you morons, OBAMACARE, OBAMACARE, OBAMACARE! That’s why he’s so rich now.

Do you think people are really going to pay Barack Obama an inflated amount of money for speaking fees? Or were those arrangements made while Barack Obama and Joe Biden were in the White House? Don’t worry I get it, you believe what the mainstream media tells you and that’s why I’d never release my sources for anyone.

I genuinely do not care what you believe, but I do feel a moral obligation to warn people. Anyway, PragerU had released the following video and it’s since been banned by Twitter and other social media companies, why you ask? Because do you not realize how much money will be made from the COVID-19 vaccine?

There Is an Orchestrated Attack Against Hydroxychloroquine | prageru.com

The COVID-19 vaccine isn’t national IT’S INTERNATIONAL! I can’t even get in on all the money, I know what I know because of the derivatives derived from this massive COVID-19 vaccine cash windfall. This is at least decade worth of trillions of dollars because when you think you’re going to die you’ll pay whatever money they’re asking for.

Now, because of the charity work I used to do in for African countries I’m very familiar with Hydroxychloroquine, in combination with other cheapy made drugs it works, but shhh… don’t tell anyone, because you can make more money with the Pfizer drug which could probably help men to get an erection while at the same time-fighting COVID-19. The Chinese Communist Party would call that win, win, mutual cooperation corporation.

Canada signs deals with Pfizer, Moderna to get doses of COVID-19 vaccines | vicnews.com

The article below is an illustration of the clear corruption of Trudeau’s cabinet, I know it’s hard for the reader to understand my point of view, but the Justin Trudeau and his cabinet are seriously corrupt. It’s in plain sight, but if you trust your government, you do not gong to trust me, I know, I don’t expect you too! I’m just hoping you’re able to see these corrupt politicians for who they really are.

Pfizer announces deal with Canada for EXPERIMENTAL COVID-19 vaccine | financialpost.com

Interesting times ahead