fulltraffic.net Review Is It a Scam

This article was written from the advertisers perspective. Just so we’re clear this post is about fulltraffic.net. typically dot network domains are considered knock offs domains but in the case of fulltraffic.net it does make sense. Fulltraffic.net does have it’s own active network and people considering joining can sign up for both its Advertising and publishing account. If written about Pop under web traffic before, but the one issue i have with pop under traffic is that fact that there are allot of networks sharing the same pop under traffic sources.

The type of traffic a user will get from fulltraffic.net in my opinion is allot better than the type of traffic a person would get from pop under or pop up traffic.  I don’t think it’s much better traffic but it’s a bit better. The best traffic from my perspective is pay per click traffic especially if you target your keywords properly. But for those of you looking for a set it and forget it solution Fulltraffic.net can be considered a decent solution. If you visit the “advertisers guide” section of the fulltraffic.net website ( http://www.fulltraffic.net/advertisers_guide.php ) the show you in full detail the type of traffic you will be getting.

If you’ve ever used a website movie25.com you’d get an idea about conversion the conversion rate of this type of traffic.

What type of Websites would match well with Fulltraffic.net

This subject brings me back to the topic of pay per click marketing the idea behind pay per click marketing is brand awareness and also fulfilling a users wants. If you target your words correctly in pay per click marketing you can make allot of money in a short amount of time. With the type of traffic Fulltraffic.net is offering you might need to be more creative. When most people see your ad most of them will most likely look at it like its spam, so in my opinion when you use a traffic source like this one you need to stand out and also look legit.

If a person sees your website in google, yahoo, bing, hotmail or facebook they will give you allot more respect than if they see you in a website they just went to so they could download free music or movies. I’m not saying anything is wrong with the type of traffic Fulltraffic.net is selling i’m just saying if you’re going to advertise there look at the traffic you’ll be getting for what it is and not what you want it to be. $15 for 10000 visitors is there because of quality of visitors you will be getting.

fulltraffic.net Final Thoughts

Depending on the type of traffic i’m looking for i would give fulltraffic.net a try. The company is very upfront they give examples of their work they accept paypal as form of payment. Paypa typically sides with the consumer if disputes arise and the fact that fulltraffic.net has been using them so long shows me that at least for now they’re a reputable company.

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