Thank You Brian Peckford I was Wrong: The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms did not come from Pierre Trudeau, Pierre Trudeau’s Tyrannical Charter of Rights and Freedoms were REJECTED – February 1, 2022,

All Canadians should consider following Brian Peckford or at the very least consider downloading Episode 78 from the Jordan B Peterson podcast. On Youtube, I’ve attached very important information, that puts Pierre Trudeau back in his proper context. Because prior to this, I had been writing that Pierre Trudeau was responsible for Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, anyway, listen for yourself

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All that aside, because Canadian mainstream media is bought and paid for and often has to resort to clickbait headlines to get the attention of readers, the article I point to below, emphasizes Justin Trudeau’s tyrannical vaccine mandates. But why you should consider learning all you can about The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, is that it appears that Pierre Trudeau, who by the way was friendly with Communists like Fidel Castro may have been attempting to use the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as a tool to push a more tyrannical authoritative agenda.

I was very young during the reign of Pierre Trudeau, so when I read stories about him, his association with the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms never made any sense to me. But I admit I hadn’t really dived into the data, I honestly don’t like politics, I merely love liberty, I’d prefer to be writing about Liberty topics, but because I see the attack on freedom, I feel the need to click the creative on switch for Canadians who need an alternative view of the world.

When I write, my intention is not to give the reader ANSWERS, I want the reader to engage in critical thinking. I’d like to thank Brian Peckford genuinely, I am compelled to support him moving for bringing this up, because for myself at least, this allows me to put Pierre Trudeau in his proper context. A lot of what Pirre Trudeau did to Canadian politics bordered on outright tyranny, now one could argue in Trudeau’s defense that he was doing this for “The Greater Good”.

But when you grant yourself the liberty to see Pierre as a flawed man like the rest of us, we can then begin to get a glimpse into his mind. Pierre was clearly a very talented presenter of information, there are instances in which Pierre Trudeau leaves the media and his opposition speechless.

If you understand Liberty, you’d clearly see a pattern of tyranny as it relates to Pierre Trudeau, however, if you imagine politics as theatre and the substance that resonates with you, is that “the master grandstander” which I’d argue Pierre Trudeau was, should be the victor because their presentation was ahead of their time, Pierre Trudeau, for that type of thinker is a Canadian hero.

Personally, I’m okay with Canadians imagining Pierre Trudeau to be a Canadian hero, but I’d like more information to come out about Pierre Trudeau the man, because as we all know Trudeau married a very young Margaret Sinclair. As a middle-aged man, I could never imagine marrying an 18-year-old even in 1971, for a politician to do that, was frowned upon. Pierre Trudeau got away with it because he was beloved.

That’s evil if you ask me for a LIBERAL man not to allow a woman’s mind to develop. We’re not talking about engaging in an affair, we’re talking about marriage, Some young adults like dating older people, but marriage is a responsibility and I’ve personally always thought that Pierre’s marriage to Margaret Sinclair was unacceptable for a politician. Am I wrong about this? Maybe, I accept that maybe I’m making too much of this I didn’t like it, and prior to Brian Peckford opening my eyes I could found myself confused about what I imagined was Pierre Trudeau’s Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Although the article below doesn’t mention the limited role Pierre Trudeau played in The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms it’s still worth the read

Former N.L. premier suing federal government over vaccine mandates for air travel |

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