The Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Race That Never Was: Pierre Poilievre vs Maxime Bernier and The People’s Party of Canada – March 16, 2022,

Currently, there appears to be 4 Conservative Party candidates that imagine they can beat Justin Trudeau in the general election, but if the Conservative Party leadership race doesn’t end up with Pierre Poilievre as the clear winner, the Conservative Party of Canada better forget about beating Justin Trudeau and instead will have a whole new problem to deal with in the name of People’s Party of Canada.

Let’s state the obvious regarding Maxime Bernier, especially now, as it currently stands, Maxime Bernier can’t win his Beauce riding, he did even worse in 2021 than he did in 2019, will Maxime Bernier keep playing to lose? I’m not sure, that’s a problem Maxime Bernier is going to have to figure out on his own, but the People’s Party of Canada could crack 1 million votes in another election and that’s a problem the Conservative Party of Canada will have to pay close attention too.

The only threat I see to Pierre Poilievre is Leslyn Lewis, many will argue Jean Charest poses a threat, but he only poses a threat to the cohesion of the Conservative Party of Canada. Patrick Brown, in my opinion, reminds me of a candidate who basically wants to tell his family about his many accomplishments in life, but I don’t take him seriously.

Leslyn Lewis is not fluent in French, and she appears to be a flip-flopper with no core principles on key issues, I think it was where I listened to her basically leaving the door opened on policies regarding abortion. Being that she’s not bilingual I don’t know how you sell he in Quebec, once the attacks come. Or maybe the attacks don’t come and the Liberal Party machine allows her to fizzle out.

So this again comes back to Pierre Poilievre, the Conservative Party, who thought it wise to bring moderate middle-of-the-road voters under the tent, and these potential single-issue voters have turned a lot of Conservative politicians into milquetoast Conservatives, scared to speak their minds in fears they might offend new members of the Party.

For myself, Pierre Poilievre is the only candidate, but I’ve also been reading and listening to people who call themselves conservatives who don’t think the way I do. Now at first, I thought these “conservatives” who didn’t like Pierre Poilievre were online trolls pretending to be Conservatives until I read some of their comments.

Now, from my point of view, many of the people opposed to Pierre Poilievre believe in the welfare state, at least that’s what I gathered when I read their comments. Some of the others who appear to be hardcore People’s Party of Canada supporters point out that Pierre Poilievre is part of the World Economic Forum. Reading comments from those people shows me that the Liberty movement in Canada isn’t going away.

But, could this mean, that Pierre Poilievre is coming across as a mean-spirited person, to the Conservative Party members, who feel entitled to something from the government? You also have to remember, that a lot of people imagine the political “climate change” agenda has an easy transition. A little pain now, for greater rewards later is how many of these clueless climate alarmist people think.

If you have no financial education and imagine economics and a market economy as an easy fix for a Big Government, it’s hard to convince you otherwise. Austrian Economics only appeals to people interested in the topic, for most people, they want easy cookie-cutter answers. I think it wise for Pierre Poilievre to provide easy answers as the leader of the Conservative Party.

Pierre Poilievre clearly understands the specifics of the problem, but the average Canadian doesn’t care about the specifics, they want easy answers and quick fixes and so far, that’s what I’ve heard from Pierre Poilievre. This should be enough to win Pierre Poilievre the Conservative leadership race, so why then is the mainstream media, trying to portray the Conservative leadership race as competitive?

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One reason could be that they’re bought and paid for by Justin Trudeau, who benefits from a Conservative Party in disarray, another reason could be that maybe I’m misreading what’s going on? Maybe Jean Charest does have a realistic chance at winning, maybe this Andrew Scheer-Maxime Bernier all over again?

Andrew Scheer just sort of popped up out of nowhere to be the leader of the Party, and Andrew Scheer was disinterested in sounding like a Conservative, instead, he sounded more like a centrist, but to date, Andrew Scheer did the best against Justin Trudeau, who disposed of Stephen Harper, Erin O’Toole, and Andrew Scheer quite easily.

Now, could Justin Trudeau beat Conservative Party Maxime Bernier and Pierre Poilievre? Maybe, but the contrasts between the two would be more evident. Contrasts are a beautiful thing, contrasts allow people to think, at first glance both Pierre Poilievre and Maxime Bernier could come across as Hitler, to a person who doesn’t understand their minds, but once they get a persons ear, their views could sway public opinion.

What I mean by this is that both Pierre Poilievre and Maxime Bernier could actually change the minds of voters on the fence, whereas it’s unlikely Jean Charest, Leslyn Lewis, and Patrick Brown have these types of skills. You’re not going to out Trudeau-Trudeau, Canadians are used to him already, what Canadians want is someone different, Canadians at one point grew tired of Stephen Harper, they wanted something different, Justin Trudeau won his majority.

But Justin Trudeau’s vote-buying hasn’t made him any more popular, in fact, he’s becoming less popular, and there is NO CHANCE that Justin Trudeau will be remembered in the same way his father was remembered. So once you understand that Justin Trudeau will be just another Prime Minister in Canadian history, you start to see that he’s beatable. What stands in the way is the modern Conservative Party of Canada.

What’s really going on with the Conservative Party? I’m curious to find out because truth be told, I’d like Right-wingers to have their own NDP. Milquetoast Conservatives will destroy Canada, there is no value in cowardly Conservatives who are too scared to take what some imagine is an unpopular position. Trudeau won twice? Big deal! the labour Party in the U.K has been getting an ass-whooping for years now, sometimes, that’s how things are for a while, but while you’re getting beat up, at the very least is your Party providing any value to its members?

The People’s Party of Canada has been providing value, and this is why I’m not going to get ahead of myself with this Conservative Party leadership race. I think Pierre Poilievre is a no-brainer, I think he should win with ease, but, hey, maybe I don’t understand what’s happening in the Conservative Party.

Interesting time ahead!