The INX Digital Company, Inc.(INXD) (formerly known as Valdy Investments Ltd.) Reviews


Douglas Borthwick is the current contact for The INX Digital Company, Inc.(INXD). Douglas Borthwick, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer of INX Services you can watch his video presentation below to learn more about The INX Digital Company, Inc.(INXD). You can follow Douglas Borthwick on Twitter @DCBorthwick

Douglas Borthwick, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer of INX Services, 05-02-2021 | Passage to Profit – The Innovators’ Show

INX is led by an experienced and dedicated team of business, finance, and technology veterans with a shared vision of redefining the world of finance and crypto trading. INX creates a regulated, transparent, and trusted crypto trading platform.

Regulated Security Tokens embody untapped potential by changing the economics of capital formation for business and unlocking secondary liquidity and value for investors.

INX aims to be the primary trading platform for Regulated Security Tokens where issuers can list, and investors can trade, Security Tokens safely.

INX charted a transparent, regulated path for the general public to join in the potential success of tokenization and to benefit from the INX platform.

D. Borthwick on Fox Biz: INX enables equity trading 24/7 | INX on Youtube

For full disclosure I’m an owner of the stock, crypto has potential, INXD definitely has potential, for transparency reasons, I’m a dividend investor, “INXD” currently does not pay a Dividend, however, I’ve used money from my monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual dividends to purchase some INXD stock, so although I take risks, my main objective with any investment I make is for asset purchases to CASH FLOW! It’s easier to take risks when you’re getting paid to do NOTHING!

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Can this INX Digital Company go to zero? Absolutely, I’m not exactly the most bullish person on cryptocurrencies, but the popularity of Crypto forced me to get involved, I’m not a know it all, and I do make investments to make sure that if I’m wrong I’ll still profit. I’m 100% gambling on The INX Digital Company stock, and again I used profits from my dividends to purchase it.

A Masterclass on Digital Assets and Tokenized Securities with Douglas Borthwick | Charlie Shrem

If you’re an amateur investor make sure you consult professionals you trust before you invest, investing in INX Digital Company comes with a lot of risks! Nothing you read on this blog post should be considered investment advice.

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