Is TikTok really a national security threat? Trump says he plans to ban TikTok in U.S., opposes Chinese sale – August 1, 2020,


Based on recent events namely Twitter censoring tweets from people tweets it’s owners disagree with, I’d personally say Twitter is more of a threat than TikTok could ever be, because at the very least most people know where Tiktok is derived. There are even people making jokes on Tiktok about loving the Chinese Communist Party so they can get more likes.


When I have an enemy I’d prefer to know what my enemy is doing, banning TikTok, might have the opposite effect it’s intended to have, last time I checked censoring was something the Communists do. I’m not an expert in all of this, but is TikTok really on the level of Huawei and ZTE?

I think solving the Tiktok problem is as simple as the President saying to Americans, please remember what the Chinese Communist Party is currently doing to Hong Kong and the Chinese people before you download Tiktok, please consider what the Chinese Communist Party represents to humanity.

Furthermore, Trump should tell people that Twitter and some other U.S based tech companies are not acting American and instead appear to be heavily influenced by the Chinese Communist Party. I your president as you all have seen have had my tweets censored by big tech. I love America and freedoms and liberties and I hope you do too, do allow evil to win!

Now, if Tiktok really is a national security threat, well ban Tiktok, but so far based on what I read Tiktok doesn’t seem like a national security threat and what Trump doesn’t want to do is make Americans have to go through VPN channels to download APPs that people later find out aren’t really national security threats.

Trump says he plans to bar TikTok from operating in the U.S. |

Interesting times ahead