Toluna Surveys Review Is It a Scam

When joining any online survey company it’s important to understand that there is no guarantees that you will receive surveys to complete it’s also not in your best interest to cheat or to lie just to qualify for surveys. When you actually do a few surveys you will soon see why it’s never a good idea to pay to join a survey directory.

If you ever see a company promoting themselves like yes you will qualify to do surveys and get paid $120 per hour stay away from this company. Toluna is a legit honest paying survey company that’s been online for quite a while at the time in which i am writing this Toluna has joined greenfield.  What this means is more surveys and less money. This is not always the case but it’s what i’ve come to realize whenever GreenField takes over a company.

Example is you will find with most survey sites you might get 7 surveys a week each paying a $1 this is purely an example. What Green field does is they will send you 21 surveys and pay you 0.40 per survey but put the money in forms of points. So instead of $7 for the week you will get $8.40. Multiply this by thousands and you’ll get what i mean. Greenfield shrinks the size of surveys and sends you more surveys and pays you less per survey.

Why they do this is because allot of people get bored doing surveys and if you own a survey site you’ll find out that this is how you lose clients. if your members are not completing surveys clients won’t talk to you. It’s a just a creative way to keep the survey site afloat like with many other things the honest members pay for the lazy cheating members. When major companies want a survey to be taken they want it taken asap if the survey company can not deliver they will take their business else where. From an owners perspective what greenfield does is pure genius but from a members perspective they might not like it as much.

When i use to take surveys a few years back surveys we’re LOOOONG! some where like 25 minutes or more and they might run the same question by you like 10 times in a different way. Even to qualifying was a long process Greenfield has made the process a bit better a few people are bitter about this but the truth is the online survey taking industry was not growing and changes had to be made. Toluna is NOT a scam from my experience and if you want to make some extra cash you should join. That being said if you’re interested in making money online for free please visit the Work From Home Page.