Tyrant Quebec public health director Horacio Arruda resigns-Quebec’s idiot government drew a line in the sand and LOST (End The Stupid Government Regulations on Canada’s Working Classes) – January 11, 2022,

So yeah, Quebec Tyrant and public health doctor Horacio Arruda who I’d argue is responsible for death in Quebec because he and the Premier went to war with Health Care workers in order to flex their political muscles, resigns, which is the right thing to do. Currently, in the United States, Dr. Fauci is getting a taste of his own medicine, because, in America, there exists no Universal Health Care System, in brainwashed Canada, most of us don’t understand why we shouldn’t be entitled to someone else’s labor.

Well, the idiots in Quebec give Canadians a glimpse as to why Politicians shouldn’t be in charge of your health care. Because Canada has Universal Health Care, unnecessary pressure is put on the Prime Minister and the Premiers to enact ONE SIZE FITS ALL health care policy that doesn’t bankrupt the health care system. Well the idiots in charge of Quebec’s health care System, imagined it wise to FIRE health care professionals who didn’t do what François Legault told them to do.

If you’re not vaccinated by such and such date, you’re fired? What planet is this idiot on? I guess he imagines health care workers are falling off the assembly lines in Quebec? Quebec had a labor shortage BEFORE the pandemic, health care workers are exhausted and the mere fact that health care workers are seeing patterns as to who is dying from covid-19, is the exact reason why many are opting NOT to vaccinated.

Obese people and the elderly die the most via Covid-19, some people with preexisting conditions also die of covid, but because I come from a health care family, the health care professionals in my family take all sorts of health precautions, vitamins here, healthy foods there, exercise, medidation, I’ve seen it all. I grew up with health care professionals many of who like to take preventative treatments long before an outbreak occurs and because many of them understand what’s in these vaccinations, some health care professionals will take an alternative.

Now because François Legault is a lazy piece of shit, that’s looking for an expedient solution, he and the now resigned public health director Horacio Arruda, drew a line in the sand, do what we say or else you’re fired, the health care professionals said, bye, bye! Now, in response as to appear that he’s still in control of the situation Tyrant François Legault mandates curfews for Quebec? Which is stupid, did the science say the virus goes to sleep at night?

He’s a disaster and quite frankly at this point there are NO easy solutions, for him. Becoming a health care professional takes dedication, it’s not a profession any person can do and, quite frankly this problem is something François Legault is going to have to figure out on his own. Big government usually does not work during periods of crisis. We’re on year three, and lockdowns haven’t worked? When are we going to call this Big Government failure for what it is?

Quebec public health director Horacio Arruda resigns, admitting ‘erosion’ of public opinion | ctvnews.ca

Interesting times ahead