Unnecessary Hard-and Software Technology in Modern Cars Creating Stupid Maintenance Related Problems: Tesla recalls nearly 579,000 U.S. vehicles over pedestrian warning risk sounds – February 10, 2022,

A few weeks ago I remember reading about Tesla cars having heating problems(heat pump failure) that occurred primarily because of a software upgrade. If you were to ask me about what’s going on in the modern era, I’d point to Zero Interest Rate Policies(ZIRP) and Quantitative easing(QE) as the culprits for a lot o these unnecessary innovations to modern auto-manufacturing. It should be noted that we don’t even know if Tesla would be profitable and its stock price this over-value if they weren’t the company wasn’t the beneficiary of so many government subsidies and government regulations geared at making opponents of Electric vehicles(EVs) uncompetitive.

Tesla Issues Recall for Faulty Heat Pumps, Loss of Heating in Cold Weather | consumerreports.org

The automaker says a software update should fix the problem, which some Model 3, S, X, and Y owners said left them without heat in extremely cold temperatures

Why I bring this up is because you’re seeing an increase in regressive and relatively SILLY and unnecessary regulations. I remember purchasing a Windows laptop for my mother, it was rather pricey, $1200, but what I forgot to do was check the battery, because I’m old myself, I assumed the computer has an easily replaceable battery, like prior laptops, how wrong I was. Anyway, her laptop had battery-related problems and I had to bring the laptop to a professional to change the battery?

Why did Smartphones and laptops change their batteries? The answer is pretty obvious and it has less to do with how thin the modern laptops and Smartphones are and more to do with getting consumers to spend more money. As many of you are aware, modern automobiles want you to sign up for additional monthly subscriptions, in fact, if you’re a believer in autonomous vehicles in the future, don’t be surprised when that autonomous feature in your automobile comes with an additional monthly payment.

This recall by Tesla is yet another reason why more and more people are hating modern vehicles, there are so many unnecessary features, that most people rather be optional, that consumers are being forced to purchase. Making matters worse is that a lot of these vehicle manufacturers are running to the government to create laws that force drivers to purchase these silly features. I hope people start standing up to this tyranny!

Tesla recalls nearly 579,000 U.S. vehicles over pedestrian warning risk sounds | reuters.com

Interesting times ahead!