a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

a Picture of The Current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in Blackface

Very Scary Developments in Canada: 70% of Chileans living in Canada support the Far-Left draft constitution, as the majority in Chile vote to reject it; likely Media and Public Education in Canada to blame – September 6, 2022,


To start, let’s talk about some of the economic advantages Canada has over the nation of Chile; first and foremost, we border with the United States, and most Canadians speak ENGLISH. The U.S. is Canada’s number one trading partner, and if one were to analyze the Canadian economy correctly, anyone would quickly realize that without the two advantages I mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph, chances are Canada’s economy as constructed today would not hold up.

Obviously, the fiat monetary standard benefits Canada greatly; if the nation of Chile, for example, were to grow its welfare State to the size of Canada’s welfare State, it would soon find the value of its fiat currency WORTHLESS! Canada’s currency is considered one of the world’s reserve currencies. This benefit helps Canadians to finance their welfare State by importing a lot of things at meager prices in comparison to the nation of Chile.

When people with Far-Left Progressive ideals bring up the Chilean constitution, they make sure to add the words “dictatorship-era,” denoting to a potentially ignorant audience that any NEW constitution is better than the Military dictatorship era of Chile.

Let’s not hide history here; I’m pro-capitalism, but let’s stop pretending the U.S. is this innocent country to get my point across. The truth of the matter is the dictatorship was established after the democratically-elected socialist government of Salvador Allende was overthrown in a US-backed coup d’état on the 11th of September 1973. Notice the date “September 11”. Anyway, the incompetence of Salvador Allende was so bad that hyperinflation was running rampant in Chile during this period, does that sound familiar? Does Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro come to mind? Does Hitler’s rise to power in Germany come to mind?

Most dictators rise to power during periods of hyperinflation; it’s one of the reasons central banks in Canada and the United States have recently been raising interest rates to prevent SHORTAGES of things in the economy. Hyperinflation leads to economic DEFLATION, and economic deflation leads to desperation and often opens up people to accepting Dictatorships in exchange for food and shelter.

I’m definitely NOT an interventionist, but once you understand the economic damage of democratic and/or national socialism, you start to understand why some people in the United States believe in interventionist policies. One of the reasons I don’t consider myself a Libertarian, but I’m sympathetic to their ideas is because I can’t ignore the DEMAND some people have for Western governments to intervene in the politics of other countries.

In Canada and the U.S., it’s almost a certainty that if Ukrainain-Canadians had their way, U.S. and Canadian troops in the year 2022 would be in Ukraine right now fighting to protect their homeland from Russia. Regarding U.S. interventionist policy, during those eras, the people in charge of the U.S government imagined that these interventionist policies would be easy fixes to tyrannical governments; the U.S had beaten the national Socialists in Germany, and some assumed a small nation like Chile wouldn’t be a problem.

Ofcourse they were proven wrong and would have been better off leaving Chile as is to deal with their then tyrannically socialist government. Still, I wanted to ensure the reader comprehends what led to the Military dictatorship of Chile (1973–1990) and why one shouldn’t rush to change the constitution. The constitution was written to protect PROPERTY rights and not to allow tyrannical, left-wing socialist governments from doing what they’re attempting to do now.

If you’re unaware, you’d be wise to do your research on the current Chile President, 36-year-old millennial Gabriel Boric, who oddly enough shares a lot of the same ideals as the former far-left President Salvador Allende. If, for some reason, you skipped down to this section, the government of Salvador Allende created hyperinflation in Chile.

The nation of Chile was actually the direct beneficiary of Ronald Reagan, one of the reasons Chile has its school voucher system is because of Milton Friedman. This one move may have saved Chile from a tyrannical Left-Wing President. In Canada as an example, unless parents teach their children the differences between Socialism and Capitalism, chances are the child or the adult will only be able to imagine Socialism as a solution; why? Because the number one educators in Canada are the Canadian media and the public education school systems.

This is why the support for the far-left president in Chile is so strong in Canada from Chilean Canadians; unless they care to understand what really happened, they’ll assume that Left-wing politics are the only way to go because, after all, they appear to be working in Canada, correct? Well, because of Chile’s voucher school system, their teachers are INCENTIVIZED to give their students a COMPREHENSIVE approach to politics and economics.

Most people in Chile(depending on if they understand English or depending on how this post translates into Spanish), even if they disagree with me, will likely comprehend the argument I’m making in this post. In contrast, the average Canadian who has never had information presented to them in this manner before will likely seek and/or require a thought leader to return them to their confirmation bias.

Social engineering is indeed POSSIBLE, and we learned that from the National Socialists in Germany; Germans have for centuries been known for being extremely high-IQ people. For some, they still find it hard to believe that the German people fell in love with a tyrant like Hitler. Well, when you research the ECONOMIC history of Germany, HYPERINFLATION stands out; hyperinflation leads to SHORTAGES; when there are shortages of things like food and shelter in a society, people start getting DESPERATE, and desperate people will likely vote for a tyrannical leader, to save the day.

This is one of the root causes of American INTERVENTIONIST policies; when a tyrant or low IQ Left Wing president takes over a country, the smart people of that nation often run to America for HELP, right or wrong; what this led to was the Military dictatorship of Chile from 1973–1990. However, before you go and bash their constitution, consider comparing it to the new Constitution written by Gabriel Boric’s government.

Now I can almost guarantee that the 70% of Canadians who want the Chilean constitution changed either never bothered to read what Gabriel Boric wants or they can’t properly interpret the economic damages the new Gabriel Boric constitution will cause to the Chilean people. Have Canadians looked at the person who won the Canadian election fair and square?

I don’t in any way think Justin Trudeau cheated to win any of the elections he won. a lot of Left-wingers imagine the Canadian economy runs on autopilot, and regardless of the consumer price inflation currently happening in Canada, Justin Trudeau’s loyal followers do not imagine Justin Trudeau as the main culprit of inflation.

If Canada were to experience hyperinflation, chances are Trdeua’s loyal supporters would assume Justin Trudeau’s economic policies would have had NOTHING to do with it, and why shouldn’t they assume that the Canadian educational and media establishments via, the CRTC ofcourse have taught most Canadians how to think and taught them to think critically only in the manner the Public Schools or the CRTC teaches them think.

But from an economic perspective, this should scare Canadians because if let’s imagine the Canadian economy ever experiences a severe economic downturn, the evidence suggests that most Canadians will unintentionally VOTE to make the problem worse. The post below should serve as a serious warning to Canadians about how immigrants are imagining the success of our economy. Like it or not, Canada’s educational and media establishments are not helping Canadian immigrants to think critically about things.

Chileans appear to be more knowledgeable about what system brings about economic prosperity than Canadians. I remind you that Chileans are experiencing their Left Wing government, whereas Chilean-Canadians are enjoying the CURRENT spoils of an unsustainable Canadian welfare State.

70% of Chileans in Canada support draft constitution, as majority in Chile vote to reject it | cbc.ca

Interesting times ahead!