Via Quebec’s Stupid Big Government Regulations: Quebec says 20K healthcare workers are off the job from COVID-19 as hospitalizations reach record levels – January 10, 2022,


Some imagine that all government mandates are the right thing to do because most stupid people imagine that politicians, government bureaucrats, and special interest groups are more intelligent than everyone else. These mental retards often cheerlead tyranny, well, now, hospitalizations are at record levels in Quebec, primarily because of hospitals and short-staffed, because Quebec’s stupid government drew a line in the sand and LOST!

It’s easy when you’re a government-monkey making $200K per year barking out orders when you’re not the person doing any of the hard work. Some health care workers are refusing to get vaccinated because they’re seeing the people who are getting sick. Most people who are getting sick have pre-existing conditions. Usually, they’re old, obese, or they find out they have covid-19 AFTER they go to the hospital because of a pre-existing condition.

You have to remember that the government made Covid-19 a priority, meaning that if you go to the hospital for another reason, the hospital has to check you for Covid-19. The staff also has to go through additional protocols when they go to work, which is exhausting, and their reward for all of this big government buffoonery is “take the jab, or else you’re fired?”. How about I quit! This is the reply some health care professionals are telling the idiot government which takes their marching orders from the World Health Organization(WHO).

I’ve been saying for months now that the Canadian government has a sluggish approach to the Covid-19; they don’t even consider the people they’re supposed to represent, they instead look at the data provided by the WHO, and depending on what idiot premier is in charge, they’ll add their own added touch, to make sure they look tough, to the voters who like tyranny.


Anyway, this idiot regulation by the Premier of Quebec is why the Federal Government deems it wise to stick their nose under the tent. Mandatory vaccinations are being talked about because of staff shortages, Quebec is a socialist hell-hole, Quebec has been bankrupt for a long time, which is why Quebec leaders feel comfortable going to the extremes. Although not as extreme as Quebec, there are staffing shortages in the rest of Canada, because the governments response to covid-19 has been lazy and not targeted.

Ottawa’s 180-degree turn on mandatory vaccination |

In Florida, they have a targeted approach to battle covid-19, the people most vulnerable are given priority, period, this method requires more stamina by the governemnt, you’ll often notice that Governor of Floida DeSantis is often standing and not reading from a teleprompter whereas you’ll notice “leaders” in Canada are usually sitting down and reading off a sheet of paper tht almost mirrors World health Orgainzation recommendations.

Politicans especially in Canada are for the most part LAZY IDIOTS and this is because a lot of Canadians prefer perceived security over liberty and freedom. The mere fact that mandatory vaccinations are being openly talked about in Canada with very little pushback is an embarrassment. I personally think Canada is headed for an economic collapse od massive purpoortions. On January 15, a lot of Truckers will be walking aff the job because of another stupid lazily written governent regualtion.

Because Canadians don’t understand basic economics, they have no idea, how disruptive this could be the Canadian supply chains.

Quebec says 20K health-care workers off job from COVID-19 as hospitalizations reach record levels |

Interesting times ahead!