WebDate.com Review

Web Date, which can be found in WebDate.com, is an online dating site that offers 100% free membership. Thus, members have equal access to its features. As a member of Web Date, you can create a profile, add your photos in it, perform searches for other members within your locale, browse other members’ profiles and see their pictures, email other members using the site’s internal email system, create your favorites folder, and video chat other members.

More about WebDate.com

Web Date’s focus is on people in their early twenties who are interested on the sexier side of dating. It is actually the kind of dating site with the element of social networking, a hybrid dating/social networking combination which is becoming common nowadays.

Compared to other dating sites that offer 100% free membership, WebDate.com has more than satisfactory features. One of its commendable features is its slideshow photo which shows quality photos with good transition. Other than the photo slideshow, Web Date also features its video chat, which is the core element of its social networking part.

Final thoughts on WebDate.com

One of the most important things to consider in choosing an online dating site is the number of its active members. If a site has great features but fail to show a good number of active members, then your chance of getting a date or good match is low. This is where WebDate.com fails. It may have cool features as a provider of free membership but it has low percentage of active members.

My personal favorite dating site is Match.com because they’re so mainstream. You’ll find a lot more people joining them daily which will drastically increase your chances of finding that special someone.

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