When the Governments Shrinks So Will The Political Climate Hysteria, Via Existing Canadian Government regulations, Alberta is apparently running out of water? – October 21, 2021,

Whenever the government or a media or information source linked to the government is attempting to push an agenda, they tend to ignore who created the problems to begin with. First and foremost, the article I point to below, is one of the reasons why transfer payments should be abolished, because on of the problems with transfer payments is that it creates all sorts of distortions for governments and how they manage their priorities.

Now, almost every water problem that exists in Alberta is due in large part to the Federal Government, transferring what would have been giant savings account possibly accumulating a lot of interest, and sending that money to Eastern Canada. What’s ignored with transfer payments is how smart it makes the Federal government look. Eastern Canada looks and feels rich even though it hasn’t earned it, people in Canada continue to vote further to the Left because well, why shouldn’t they? This transfer payment theft scheme has been working out great!

Now, if Canada was forced to use a Gold Standard, at the very least spending would have to come under control and political climate change would have to be reimagined, in fact political climate change, would been DEFLATIONARY to the money supply as opposed to inflationary because the government couldn’t debase the money supply with causing serious harm to the economy.

I bring this up because the evolution of political climate change is reminding many of us as to why the government needs to shrink. The article below is based mostly on prior government regulations that led to many of these supposed climate change disasters. Alberta talks about building oil pipelines, now do you really think a water pipeline isn’t possible? Of course, a Water pipeline is possible, will British Colombia or the apparently over-populated North West Territories ban Alberta from getting water? desalination is even an option unless of course, the climate change hysteria in B.C stretches to water desalination?

Like this is getting ridiculous and as I like to point out, Socialism is much about dumbing down the population. Just to put this in perspective. the Keystone Pipeline stretched from Alberta to TEXAS, Do you mean to tell me that a water pipeline from Alberta to the North West Territories or B.C can’t be built especially if the earth is apparently warming?

Most scientists are financed by entities pushing an agenda. Some of us remember the “Cold Fusion” days, sure Cold Fusion wasn’t what it was cracked up to be, but there was definitely something there worth investigating and because the science community risked having their budgets killed, Cold Fusion was quickly discredited and the science moved on, to where the money was. As is the case is now, Scientists need to be financed and right now climate hysteria is paying them well to push a political agenda.

By the way, Cold Fusion or something like it would destroy the climate hysteria, we all know the real problem that needs attention is overfishing in the oceans, but you see that’s a problem that can be fixed without perpetual corporate welfare and corporate-political partnerships. If you’re a young person reading this, please keep note of this period in history because you’ll see 20 years from now, the people in charge will push another scam agenda and you’ll know it’s B.S but the young people won’t!

Water shortages are a major risk of climate change. Alberta may already be seeing warning signs | CBC.ca

Interesting times ahead!