Why Use WordPress.org

Now first and foremost i want to make it clear that using wordpress.org doesn’t guarantee anything. It won’t guarantee search engine placement it won’t guarantee that you will get a top rank for any keyword in Google nor will it guarantee that your website will make any money but… What wordpress.org usually will do is it will give you a shot at starting a successful blog and hopefully create some wealth in all of its forms.

I try to say this every-time i write a post – blogging is suppose to be fun, create a blog about something you like. There are too many people online making blogs about making money or other boring topics. Create a blog that is entertaining. The beautiful thing about the internet is that there is a WORLDWIDE audience, there will always be someone or some audience that shares similar interests as you.

Do you have a passion for something do you just like to rant now and again create a blog. I highly recommend creating a blog about something that you will be interested in. You can’t lose whenever you are having fun if your blog is information based create a blog on a topic that you find interesting. Post useful information on that blog. Many of you reading this are excellent writers and many of you reading this have great ideas that can make our world a better place. I encourage those of you interested in starting  blog to make one about something you are passionate about.

Why I use WordPress.org is because you are in full control and you have an excellent chance in ranking in the search engines. At the moment yahoo, google and Bing all like WordPress blogs. That being said this doesn’t give you the right to spam the search engines i’m not here to tell you what to do but i recommend using white hat tactics to get search engine rankings. Another reason why i use WordPress.org is because it’s easy to set up and there is a community of people creating useful wordpress plugins and templates to make your blog easier to use and also give your blog a professional look.

Visit WordPress.org or use fantastico de luxe in your Cpanel to set up your word press blog. Also consider reading my post titled How To Make a Blog And Make Money for information on how to monetize your wordpress blog