XOWii.com Review Is It a Scam

Multi level Marketing otherwise know as network marketing to date is still big business, just like any other business a small percentage of the members make majority of the money the difference with network marketing business is the amount of effort a person needs to put in, in order to be successful. The bonus or the benefit of network marketing is that if you get lucky and sponsor the right person that person can make you allot of money without you having to do allot of work.

The types of people that might like XOWii.com

If you’re into sales and marketing have an out going mentality and want to learn how to become a teacher and leader i think a company like XOWii.com might but something to consider. The idea behind multi level marketing/ Network marketing is that a person can learn everything about running a successful business. I personally do not like network marketing because in my opinion you work allot harder and make allot less than you would just doing a normal sales job.

The Types of People who shouldn’t join XOWii.com

First off if you don’t like working off commission you shouldn’t get into network marketing or sales. That being said in my world Network marketing makes little to no sense, Reason being is that i do affiliate and internet marketing, As an affiliate marketer i never have to pay a company to sell their products, affiliate marketing reminds me allot like a sales job. The major difference between sales jobs and network marketing is the fact that it’s not the salesmans job to find recruits to the business he or she is promoting. In a traditional sales job human resources handles the recruitment portion the business. This takes a load of the sales man.

Another thing i prefer about a tradition sales job is how they handle commissions. In a traditional sales job the sales man gets a raise based on sales performance, in a network marketing job the sales man gets a raise based on recruitment. In the case of XOWii.com you get a raise based on Active recruitment of the people you recruit. If you’ve ever checked the stats on most network marketing companies the thing that stands out the most is the failure rate. In any work environment there will be drop outs and also people who just naturally become uninterested.

This portion becomes very time consuming for the network marketing sales person. Those are just some of the factors a person should consider before under taking a network marketing sales job. Although most network marketing sales companies promote themselves as the saviors from the hustle and bustle of 9 – 5 work days the reality in most instances is that you wind up working allot harder growing the network marketing business than you would in regular 9 – 5 sales atomsphere.

Is XOWii.com a scam

I personally don’t think XOWii.com is a scam. i just think it’s important that a person takes some things into consideration before committing to any network marketing company. If you are interested in learning how to make money online consider reading my Work From Home post where i share free was to make money from home in this post i also show was how a person can work from home full time.