InfoLinks Review

Infolinks is a good choice when opting to monetize ones blog, website or social community. Once you decide to use monetizing platforms such as Infolinks or AdSense it’s important that you read the terms and conditions first; I want to also point out that in my opinion it’s important not to be too reliant on one or the other to create a permanent income stream online. I think Infolinks is an excellent place to use to create wealth online but I don’t think it’s a good idea to make it center piece of residual wealth online.

My first use of Infolinks made me $13 in 30 days with a small number of visitors. I found this to be very impressive being that the website I used was fairly new and received a small amount of traffic daily. If I were to receive say even 100 daily visitors that could have easily been $1 – $10 daily. The amount of traffic one receives obviously will affect the amount of money a person makes.

Text Based Advertising

Infolinks has the highest revenue share in this industry this has become evident to me and I am quite impressed; as the advertiser base increases the pay per click for website owners will only get better. Text based advertising has a much better click through rate than most people think because… If you like to write or have long posts or articles, there are several advantages to Infolinks. What most people don’t seem to realize is that with text based advertising the more you write the more chances you get for clicks.

Many people will click out of sheer curiosity and with the highest rev share in the industry this could mean a lot of money in your pockets. I was really impressed with the results I received because like I said the website I was using was not getting a lot of traffic.

Infolinks verse AdSense?

Most people use one or the other or one with the other in comparison to me it really does depend on a number of factors. Like keywords for example or how much content you have on your website. Some people are banned from using Google AdSense for those people Infolinks is the next best option I know people who make a living off AdSense I know some people who make a living off Infolinks so it really does depend.

Infolinks with AdSense?

Using Infolinks with AdSense? I personally don’t recommend it. I’d use one or the other. I personally don’t like bombarding readers with advertising as it becomes kind of distracting plus then your results are split in two which could be a good thing for some. To me it becomes a problem that needs monitoring so personally I don’t recommend it. By problem I mean you either limit your earning potential with AdSense or you limit your earning potential with Infolinks. Remember once a user clicks on an ad they’re typically gone for good so you want to get max per click that’s just my view do what works for you.

Does pay?

Of course they do but make sure you read the terms before you sign up and do whatever is required to get paid. Don’t use services or bots that will get you banned from Infolinks be as honest as humanly possible and you should be fine. is one of the largest and most trusted advertising networks online I highly doubt they would ruin their reputation by not paying honest and hardworking webmasters.

Infolinks with WordPress

I use Infolinks with wordpress and they have a plugin which makes it very easy to ad Infolinks’s to your website it’s a great program. If you would like to sign up for InfoLinks click here