Review Is It a Scam

If you’re going to use the service make sure you’ve done a bit of shopping around first you do not want to pay a high fee or a unnecessary fee that you don’t need to pay. I will be honest although i’ve personally used online pay day lenders in the past i’m typically not a fan of them. I know there’s the whole convenience issue for most people but i’m personally not a huge fan of the whole process. In the case of Money Now USA it’s important to understand that Money Now USA is not a lender, it’s actually just a middle man that being said I think it’s important to read their terms and conditions before signing up with them. Below is a brief excert on their terms and conditions.

Below is brief excert of their terms and conditions to read it in its entirety visit

Money Now USA Terms and conditions

MPORTANT: collects the information you provide on this and subsequent forms to match you with a cash advance lender based on your complete application. may share the information that you provide at any step in the application process with third parties, including members of its lender network and other third party lenders with whom it has a marketing relationship. Review our Privacy Policy for additional details.

Prospective lenders will evaluate your application information to determine whether they are able to offer you a cash advance loan. does not guarantee that it will be able to place you with a lender in its direct network or that your loan application will be approved by any lender.


My final thoughts on is providing a service there’s nothing illegal about what their doing and they might also have many returning customers, Just understand that by using you are not speaking directly to a lender instead you dealing with the middle man. In some financial instances middlemen have helped me greatly and in other instances i’ve received terrible service the one thing I learned was to shop around and to search for the best rates there is another post you might be interested in titled Bad Credit Secured Loans if you’re looking for a loan.

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