Review is it a Scam

Penny auction websites at the date i am writing this seem to be popping up left right and center. When one goes under another one emerges at the time i am writing this which also has an alias of is in its early stages yet when i watch the bid wars they all seem to be very competitive. I find this very odd…One would think that when a penny auction website just launches people would be winning auctions at easily with little or no competition but in the current case of this is far from the case.

Is a scam?

First off I would like to say that I personally don’t recommend signing up for or any other penny auction website but… I was comparing a running auction to the largest penny auction website online which is currently oddly enough the same type of Voucher was receiving the same amount of bids. My personal fear in penny auction websites is that the game is rigged and looking at really makes me wonder.

its November 2010 when i am writing this and is a new penny auction website, a Garmin GPS which retails for around $100 is currently at a price of $70.04 on, Bidmacs is a new penny auction website how could they possibly have that many bidders this early on???. I am not saying their game is rigged but some things look suspect to me.

What I don’t like about

I don’t like penny auction websites that do not accept paypal as a form of payment. There are plenty of penny auction websites that do if you want to sign up for a penny auction website my advice is to use one that accepts paypal. Reason being is that paypal protects consumers from unexpected or fraud charges on their credit cards. I’ve read and heard of too many stories from consumers who had unexpected charges charged too their credit card bills from fly by night penny auction websites. I’m not saying that will be involved in these activities but i don’t see or hear many negative stories about penny auction websites that accept paypal payments.

Some Penny Auction Information

In order to participate in a penny auction website you must purchase credits in the case of unused credits are refundable which is a step in the right direction most penny auction websites use non refundable credits. The difference between penny auction websites and say a company like is every bidder pays for the price of the item . In eBay only the winner pays but because you bid using credits in a penny auction websites once you bid you’ve actually paid at least a part of the price of the desired item. That being said there can only be one winner in a penny auction site and although there will be winners the percentage will be small compared to the membership base.

The larger the membership base of the penny auction website the better things get for the Penny Auction owners and the harder things get for the members. I think penny auctions is something you approach with caution i think if you are going to participate you should understand the risk involved, which is you might spend a hundred dollars and come away empty handed. With some penny auctions you can buy the item at retail even if you lose a bidding war but to me that defeats the purpose.

Lastly I find penny auctions very time consuming have you ever watched those clocks reset it’s annoying justing watching it, it also opens the door for more bidders which means more credits being wasted. To me its a good idea if you’re the owner but being a member in my view is just not worth it. In my opinion auctions should be fair to all parties. In a penny auction website remember the Penny auction owners are the ones with products and also the people running the auctions. Non the less if you want to sign up for don’t let me stop you

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